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  • Perfect Placencia Belize Honeymoon

    More couples are marrying in faraway locations around the globe, including Belize. Belize boasts the world’s second-largest barrier reef, Maya ruins, jungles and beaches; all in all, it’s a stunning wedding destination.

    Here are 10 reasons to wed in Belize:

    1. Hassle-free arrival, departure

    From most locations in the United States, a flight from one of the major airports to Belize takes just a few hours.

    2. Traveling in Belize is a breeze 

    Whether you’re heading to the beach or visiting ancient Maya sites, getting there is as simple as boarding a van or a small plane.

    3. Friendly folks

    Belize is known as one of the friendliest places on Earth. Visitors are welcomed with smiles when they stop to ask locals for directions.

    4. Beautiful beaches galore

    Get married on the beach in Placencia Village or aboard a sailboat as you cruise the waters over the beautiful and pristine barrier reef.

    5. Belize Jungle ceremonies

    Marry in the jungle by a sparkling waterfall, with the wildlife heralding the start of your lives together.

    6. Maya ruin weddings welcomed

    Get married before an old Maya temple for a truly memorable experience. Belize is one of the few countries that allow weddings at Maya sites.

    7. Belize Weddings for every budget

    Whether you want a big wedding or an intimate ceremony, Belize provides top-notch services for all budgets. Resorts like Laru Beya Beach Resort in Placencia offers the help of a wedding coordinator, who secures the marriage license, officiate, flowers, photographer and anything else the couple desires to make their day special. No matter the size of your wedding, Laru Beya Beach Resort has a unique Belize wedding package to suit you.

    8. A stunning setting

    Belize provides breathtaking scenery for all of your wedding photographs.

    9. Your marriage will be legal, worldwide

    If you’re in Belize at least three days prior to your ceremony, and two witnesses sign off on your union, your marriage will be legally binding.

    10. A one-stop shop

    Spend your Belize honeymoon here walking the beaches, enjoying couples’ massages or taking in a snorkeling adventure!

    Laru Beya Beach Resort in Placencia is the top resort in Belize for destination weddings. With its abundance of white sand beach and a staff who understands how important your wedding is to you, it’s easy to see why.

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