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    Here are three exciting and fun things to do in Belize:

    Scuba Diving

    With underwater visibility routinely extending to 200 feet, divers of all age and abilities find their way to Belize. Divers are eager to explore the spur and groove coral formations and sheer walls along the length of the reef. Get certified before you visit, or introductory courses are available with qualified dive instructors in any of Belize’s coastal or island locations. Popular dive sites include the atolls, the world famous Blue Hole, Shark Raye Alley, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, South Water Caye Marine Reserve, and seasonal whale shark encounters at Gladden Spit.


    Floating atop the warm, clear turquoise waters with a mask and snorkel provides an exciting glimpse into Belize’s underwater glories and is a must see even for the first time snorkelers. Knowledgeable local guides will help you explore the kaleidoscope of color found in hard and soft corals, vibrant sponges and over 500 species of fish on a snorkeling adventure. Swim with the gentle rays and docile nurse sharks in waist deep water or enjoy the view from 20 feet above on the water’s surface.

    fishing in placencia belize


    No matter what your level of expertise or interest is, Belize has world class fishing from Bacalar Chico in the north to Punta Icacos Lagoon in the south. The reef flats and grass beds around mangrove islands and coastal lagoons throughout the country provide the opportunity for fly fishing “grand slam” – tarpoon, permit and bonefish. The many river mouths are home to snook, tarpon and jacks. Near the Barrier Reef spend a day or hour bottom fishing for grouper, barracuda or snapper. And for the adventurous, troll offshore for big game fish including marlin, sailfish, bonito and kingfish. To protect our delicate ecosystem, practices “catch and release” sports fishing.

    Have you done any of these adventure tours in Belize? Which one did you liked best?


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