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    I remembered when I made my first trip to Placencia after taking almost an hour boat ride via “Hokey Pokey Water Taxi” from Independence Village, which is right across the Placencia Lagoon.

    After having walked in Placencia for a few minutes , I hitched a ride to go to Seine Bight.  Bumpy road, rather, more of a sandy road.  Having been on the vehicle for a mere 5 minutes, we got ditched into the sand and stayed there for a couple hours trying to get the vehicle out.

    I knew I was in for a long drive, but yet, I know that this was Placencia.  It was a journey.  But, 20 years later, Placencia Village now enjoys a newly paved road, marked with orange and white lines with reflectors.. It has come a long way, but there’s one thing for sure that you cannot change in Placencia.  It’s beautiful beaches, the people, the food, it’s overall “laid back” ambiance.   No wonder why we refer to this village “barefoot perfect”.

    Oh, don’t let me forget to mention that Hokey Pokey Water Taxi has fleets of boat and the almost one hour ride “back then” is now a mere 15 minutes!!  I am sure we can all share our experiences and make comparison of Placencia “back then” to now, don’t you think?

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