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  • Last-Minute Belize Escape

    Are you a planner or are you the first person in your crowd to grab opportunities to be spontaneous? This personality trait has nothing to do with being rash or taking risks. Spontaneous people are fun to be around because they tend to be happier, more creative, flexible, adventurous, and they seem to handle stress more efficiently as a result.

    If you’re a spontaneous person—or if you’ve always wanted to be but have yet to find an opportunity to jump into life with both feet—a great way to get those feet wet is by booking a last-minute escape to Belize. This is especially timely if you’re bogged down by fall tasks and you’re not yet ready to face winter.

    Why Belize?

    A better question would be: Why not come to this small, friendly nation when temperatures start dropping and you’re desperate for sun? You get to go abroad without the long airplane rides, and if you’re up for saving money at a warm, exotic, destination rimming the Caribbean Sea, this is Central America’s mecca. Further, consolidators like Kayak, Expedia, Cheapflights, and Travelocity offer last-minute airfares from a variety of North American cities.

    Explore current deals at one of the nation’s most popular destinations for your last-minute escape: Laru Beya Resort. Return visitors regularly post “love notes” on the resort’s website like this one: “I’ve been to many all-inclusive 5-star resorts in Mexico and Jamaica and this place is my favorite.”

    Laru Beya’s all inclusive Belize vacation package is the secret to spontaneous getaways because it covers accommodations, meals, onsite amenities, in addition to impeccable personal service. Further, the resort’s add-on recreational activities are awash in variety.

    Last-minute tropical getaways

    That’s all great—but show you the savings!

    If the idea of getting away between now and January 5, 2024, has you so juiced, you can’t sleep, a current Laru Beya special has your name written all over it. If there’s availability on the days you plan to visit, you can take $300 off your 3-night stay, a $450 reduction on a 4-night sojourn.

    If you can wangle a longer escape, staying between 5 and 7+ nights could save between $550 and $750. There’s a reason Laru Beya named this special Find Bliss in Belize. The sun’s out. Ocean waves await your arrival. And this price break is awesome. In return for your spontaneous decision to head for Laru Beya, expect a world of diversions, including the fabulous, three-story Quarterdeck Restaurant and Bar where dining al fresco is elevated to an art.

    Unlike other resorts, you won’t have to trek back and forth to a spa to be relieved of aches and pains acquires during your fun adventures. Skilled therapists come to your suite or balcony to perform their kind of magic. In sum, your spontaneity will pay big dividends, and if you’re just learning to be spontaneous, rest assured, this stay at Laru Beya will make you a convert!

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