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  • Belize is a popular visitor destination in Central America, and there are amazing festivals, concerts, and celebrations held throughout the year. But September in Belize is truly special, as this month is when the locals turn out to celebrate their patriotic pride in their history and heritage.

    As many people head back to school or work in September, visiting Belize at this time of year is a great chance to see popular sites like Placencia while avoiding the crowds. Top resorts like Laru Beya offer special rates on accommodations and many airlines offer special fares, making a fabulous September vacation in Belize very affordable.

    September Celebrations in Belize

    The entire month is one long patriotic celebration, usually kicking off around September 10, the national holiday known as The Battle of St. George’s Caye Day. Back in 1798, the British won a crucial naval battle over the Spanish in the waters off of St. George’s Caye, and every year Belize celebrates their unique path in history that led them to becoming the only English-speaking nation in the region.

    Patriotic displays, parades, street dancing, and music come to a head on September 21, Independence Day, commemorating the historic day in 1981 when Belize gained full sovereignty from Great Britain.

    Other Things to Do and See in September in Belize

    Visitors to the Placencia Peninsula have an abundance of options when it comes to exciting adventures. Just a short drive away is the mouth of the Monkey River where visitors can board a boat and cruise up this pristine waterway to learn more about the exotic flora and fauna that make Belize so beautiful. Also nearby is the Cockscomb Basin Nature Reserve, the world’s only park dedicated to preserving Central American jaguar, an ideal spot to enjoy hiking and bird watching.

    Visitors can also head out to the Belize Barrier Reef to enjoy fabulous snorkeling, scuba, diving and fishing opportunities. One of the top destinations on the reef is Laughing Bird Caye, an unspoiled tropical island surrounded by crystal clear waters teeming with marine life.

    Whether you want to sing and dance along with the locals as they celebrate their history or simply want to visit the top spots in Belize away from the maddening crowds, there’s no finer time to visit than September.

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