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  • Photo of the day: Lucky Boy at the Belize Zoo

    Today’s photo of the day is of Lucky Boy.

    Lucky Boy, was the young black jaguar that was rescued last year by the Belize Zoo. According to a newsletter that was put out by the Zoo Director, Lucky Boy is doing fine and is in great health.

    The newsletter reads:

    OK!   It is “True Confessions” time. At The Belize Zoo, when we received our emaciated rescued black jaguar in mid July, we thought that it was doubtful that the boy could be saved.  The great team of Zoo and Belize Forest Department officials removed him from the abandoned resort and brought him safely to the Zoo, but he was so, SO  fragile and hurting.   However, the overall and very vocal opinion from all at the zoo simply stated:  “Let’s give this animal our 100 percent!”   And we did….

    The beauty of the Belize Zoo is that it is a haven for many creatures that have been abandoned, orphaned, rescued, rehabilitated, sent from other zoological institutions or born at the zoo itself. According to Sharon Matola, the founderof the zoo, the Belize Zoo is home to more than 125 animals of about 48 species, all native to Belize.

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