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  • Belize, with its long coastline fronting the Caribbean Sea, and close access to the second-biggest coral reef in the world, is a paradise for anyone who enjoys snorkeling and scuba diving. The Belize Barrier Reef provides shelter and feeding for thousands of unique species of marine life. With abundant small islands and atolls dotting the length of the reef, divers and snorkelers in Belize can interact with and take amazing photographs of exotic and beautiful marine life.

    Glover’s Reef Atoll

    Centuries ago, the infamous pirate John Glover used this tiny strip of land on the far side of the Belize Barrier Reef as a base of operations. Rising from the deep in an oval shape, Glover’s Reef has a huge 100-square mile lagoon, home to dozens of smaller reefs. Home to vibrantly colored underwater plants and a rich abundance of marine life, Glover’s Reef is part of the National Marine Reserve.

    Lighthouse Reef Atoll

    On the edge of the world-famous Great Blue Hole, Lighthouse Reef is an outstanding place to witness the rich panoply of underwater life in Belize. Rated by famed marine biologist Jacques Cousteau as one of the best diving spots on the planet, the Great Blue Hole has a number of huge underwater canyons that can be explored by more experienced divers, while the shallower waters are perfectly suited for first-time snorkelers.

    Gladden Spit

    Every year, huge migrating swarms of whale sharks arrive in the waters off of Gladden Spit to feed on fresh fish eggs and spawn. The largest fish in the ocean, whale sharks are playful and love to frolic with human divers, making the waters off of Gladden Spit one of the most unique diving opportunities anywhere.

    Turneffe Islands Atoll

    Composed of small islands covered in mangrove forests, the Turneffe Islands Atoll feature shallow waters that dozens of marine species use as nurseries. Shallow sea gardens and pure white sand make the waters off of the Turneffe Islands some of the best places anywhere to witness huge schools of rays, grouper, snappers, spadefish, and other species.

    Southern Barrier Reef

    The area offshore of Hopkins in southern Belize is one of the best place to see a wide variety of underwater life, including groupers, dolphins, stingrays, barracuda, and turtles. The nearby sand channels and shallow waters on this section coral reef give divers a unique opportunity to weave their way between colored sponges and coral canyons to spot these amazing creatures.

    Laru Beya Resort

    Located on a private stretch of the beautiful Placencia Peninsula, the Laru Beya Resort offers luxury beachfront accommodations with modern conveniences at affordable prices. Conveniently located close to the scuba diving sites listed above, Laru Beya is a great place to relax and unwind after a long day at sea.

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