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  • Embracing Belize's Natural Spectacles Beyond the Ordinary

    Ever wonder why news reports of immigration surges from Central America always exclude Belize? The U.S. Center for Immigration Studies recently called this English-speaking nation the land “that creates few problems for the U.S.,” and it also speaks to a population that has no desire to live anywhere else in the hemisphere.

    Further, while Belize and neighboring nations enjoy similar, if not identical climates, that certainly can’t be said about turmoil. Researchers found that “There have been revolutions and coups in the other Central American nations, but not in Belize, which routinely has peaceful transitions of power following elections.”

    Given this positive news, it comes as no surprise that Belize has become the prime destination for visitors who don’t want to travel any further than Central America to get their fill of wonders, and because Belize’s coastline attracts water sport enthusiasts and offers adventures no other neighboring nation offers, Belize’s reputation continues to grow as world travelers enjoy this nation’s peace, tranquility, and melting pot of cultural diversity.

    Where to stay to have it your way

    Folks seeking variety won’t have to spend half of their vacation getting from place to place because Belize is eminently navigable at just 8,867 square miles. Only El Salvador is smaller, and Belize is awash in spectacular wonders that include 900+ Maya temples, and enough oceanfront caves to satisfy curious minds, and the nation is becoming an international cuisine destination, attesting to the nation’s multicultural presence.

    Of course, the secret to enjoying the maximum number of experiences is to find a resort that offers them. If that destination happens to be Laru Beya Resort, you’ve found a property designed for those eager to cram as many experiences as possible into their holiday, and because the All Inclusive package takes care of every detail of a stay, guests enjoy a responsibility-free experience that contributes to a relaxing escape.

    Embracing Belize's Natural Spectacles

    You’re not obligated to do anything

    Because guests like having that package to free up their time and save money, adding specific adventures to an itinerary allows you to customize your stay. You can opt for additional experiences—like Laru Beya’s “Best of Belize” Add-On—that give you access to numerous adventures. Read package details and you’ll see that this bounty of curated experiences is just what you seek.

    Onsite amenities are equally fabulous and include the beach, pool, water-sport equipment (e.g. kayaks and Hobie Cat sailboats) and even bicycles offering the freedom to explore local villages across the Placencia Peninsula, a 16-mile-long wonder of nature that offers visitors not one but two signature beaches—the Caribbean side and the lagoon side.

    We saved the best for last: Indulge your adventurous soul at a discounted rate by booking now for a vacation getaway that takes place any time before January 5, 2024. For folks who watch their pennies and crave a beyond-the-ordinary vacation, this deal could be the biggest wonder of all!

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