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    It’s one of the nation’s best-kept secrets: Autumn is the perfect season to vacation in Belize.

    The end of the rainy season is at hand and because this time of year isn’t so much autumn as “shoulder season,” not only are affordable summer rates still available, but you can enjoy your time in Belize without having to deal with crowds.

    Sound perfect? It can be—especially if you elect to vacation on Placencia peninsula, a glorious finger of land that faces both ocean and inlet. If you are weary of waves and want more tranquility, just walk over to the other “coast.” The rest of Belize is as easy to navigate and just as beautiful.

    The weather is amazing and so are the deals

    But it’s the vacation package you can snag by staying at Laru Beya Resort along the coast that attracts travelers every fall.  Book soon and receive 20% off on an all inclusive package. Yes, you read that right! It’s time to leave your footprints at Laru Beya Resort.

    Book the All Inclusive Package this Low Season 2022 and get 20% OFF*! Are you ready for an unforgettable vacation experience in Belize? Join us on the beautiful Placencia peninsula. With 16 miles of beaches and an unforgettable view of the Caribbean Sea, Placencia is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Belize and throughout Central America.

    Roaming Placencia Village is a treat. Hanging out with Belizeans will reaffirm your belief that people are genuinely friendly, warm and outgoing even when encountering strangers. Be seduced by the multi-cultural vibe while browsing shops to select art, souvenirs and dine on ethnic foods. Talk about simple pleasures!

    Celebrate with Belizeans throughout the fall months

    September is a time of remembrance and fun when Belize throws itself the world’s biggest birthday party on the 21st with a long list of parties, concerts, parades and even beauty contests. All of these festivities commemorate Belize Independence Day.

    Can’t come in September? No worries. October is lobster and conch season, giving you an excuse to treat your inner gourmand to cuisine that’s reason enough for a visit. Sample conch specialties that include ceviche, soup and fritters and indulge in Belize wines and beers.

    Clear skies and temperatures that rarely exceed 84-degrees F bring tourists to Belize in November, though Garifuna Settlement Day and the desire to leave behind the stress of preparing Thanksgiving Day dinner account for record numbers of North Americans making pilgrimages to Belize where turkey is always on the menu.

    Of course, if you want to experience more of Belize in fall, you can book a Maya ruin tours, snorkeling and cave tubing trips with resort staff to satisfy your curiosity. Irresistible? That’s exactly what visitors say when they book autumn vacations at Laru Beya Resort. Will you join them this fall?

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