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  • A narrow stretch of golden sand beaches along the Caribbean measuring 16 miles long but just half a mile wide, the Placencia Peninsula is one of the best places to enjoy some fishing in Belize.

    Whether you prefer a quiet spot on the flats to attempt a Caribbean Grand Slam or prefer some spin casting out on the reef, the Placencia Peninsula and nearby area are positively brimming with gamefish. Species such as tarpon, bonefish, snook, and bonefish thrive in the warm waters in and around Placencia, so much so that many anglers are able to get their Grand Slam or Super Grand Slam on the first day.

    Other fish species that are found year-round in the waters in and around Belize include grouper, snapper, jacks, barracuda, ladyfish, and lionfish. You’ll need a fishing license to fish in Belize, but you can order one online ahead of time via the Coastal Zone Management Authority. The current price for a sport fishing license is $10 for one day or $25 for a week. Certain species such as conch, parrotfish, lobster, and sharks are all heavily regulated or prohibited, but anglers will never complain as there are vast schools of gamefish available for the taking.

    Placencia is an ideal place for anglers due to the sheer diversity of good fishing spots in and around the region. The western side of Placencia is a lovely, mangrove-lined lagoon ideal for some productive fishing from the flats. And with the Belize Barrier Reef just a couple of miles offline, Placencia is perfect for anglers who want to try out some reef fishing.

    Due to muddy conditions in shallow areas, most fishing in and around Placencia is done from a skiff. Using light tackle, anglers can easily reach great spots along the Placencia Peninsula to land species such as jack caravelles, tarpon, bonefish, snapper, and grouper. The deeper waters around the reef are also great for trying your hand at landing bigger species such as dorado, wahoo, king mackerel sailfish, and mahi-mahi.

    If you’d like to enjoy some of the finest fishing in the world, be sure to stay at Laru Beya. Located just steps from the beach on the beautiful Placencia Peninsula, Laru Beya offers a wide variety of fishing tours, including trips to troll and spin cast on the reef and fly fishing from the flats. All tours are led by English-speaking fishing guides with extensive knowledge about the area.

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