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  • On behalf of the Management and Staff of Laru Beya, we want to wish all Belizeans at home and abroad, a Happy Garifuna Settlement Day.

    Please read the article below to learn more about the Garifuna people:

    The Garifuna people are one of the few remaining African ethnic groups in the entire Caribbean and Latin America who still maintain their culture. Some historians believe that these people were from the Mende ethnic group and migrated from West Africa to the Americas centuries before the other native people arrived in this region and gave rise to the Olmec, who were the ancestors to the Mayas.

    In the mid 1600s, the French were the first European people to notice that people of African descent were living on the island of Saint Vincent. The French people wanted to take over the island by converting the Carib Indians to Catholics. The Carib Indians resisted the French and drove them off their island.

    garifuna settlement day in belize

    After a war between the French and the British in 1763, the two countries signed the Treaty of Paris in which the French gave the island of Saint Vincent to the British. The Garifuna and the Carib Indians fought against the British in several battles to resist their attempts to take over their island.

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