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  • Belize Christmas Vacation

    If the urge to take a pass on dashing through the snow to spend Christmas at home is too strong to resist this year, you can always shop and wrap gifts early and then tell everyone that you’re heading south to get a much-needed break in the sun before the pressures of 2024 begin. Where to go? Belize, of course. It’s affordable and close, plus everyone speaks English. You don’t have to tell anyone about the perks you’ll treasure throughout your stay:

    • Eggnog made with Belizean rums are fabulous
    • Warm temperatures and sun lift your spirits big time
    • You stay safer because you’re not driving on icy roads
    • You won’t need big suitcases to hold your shorts and flip-flops
    • Ethnic festivals and celebrations will fascinate you
    • Christmas in Belize is sacred, so you’ll have your choice of churches to attend.

    Why your resort choice can make or break a getaway

    Staying within the epicenter of holiday fun is guaranteed to maximize your pleasure and joy, and frequent visitors know the Placencia Peninsula is mecca in terms of resources and safety. This 16-mile-long finger of land has two beaches (sea and lagoon), delightful villages where attractions, shopping, and dining are heavenly, and where bicycling is the ideal way to stay in shape and get around.

    Where to get the bikes? Stay at Laru Beya Resort, and complimentary bicycles are just one of the amenities you’ll have access to during your holiday getaway. Treat yourself to the all-inclusive package that covers every aspect of your sojourn and select from enticing add-ons that introduce you to Belize’s most compelling sites and experiences.

    What’s the best Christmas gift you can give yourself and your travel companion? How about a discount on your visit? This could be the incentive that drives your decision to come. A current Laru Beya special deal that must be snagged immediately awaits your decision, but given the resort’s size, waiting too long to reserve could find you out in the cold!

    Belize Christmas Travel

    Taking a December break benefits everyone

    The kids will be on break from school, little business is transacted during the last week in December thus your office presence won’t be missed, and the excitement of indulging your desire for an exotic Yuletide celebration all merge to deliver a short, restorative break from disturbing news broadcasts, frazzled shoppers, and less-than desirable weather. Further, Christmas Belizean style is simply enchanting.

    Laru Beya staff serves a fabulous Christmas dinner that includes traditional fare, and entertainments scheduled at this time of year include celebrations hosted by local Garifuna communities that include street dances featuring Jankunu and Charikanari dancers accompanied by local drummers. You may not be able to resist dancing, too. Shop for souvenirs and buy yourself something special to remind you of the year you said no to snow and declared 2023 the year you dig your toes into the sand while sipping eggnog rather than sliding on ice!

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