Placencia is Home to the Barefoot Perfect Beaches of Belize

Originally a rugged sandy Belizean peninsula, Placencia slowly grew popular for its barefoot beaches among visitors to Belize. Unlike the picturesque Belizean highlands and historic Maya ruins, Placencia is blessed with a laidback setting. With its stunning coastline featuring turquoise waters, a charming lagoon, and the western moorland boasting acres of gorgeous terrains with hilly backdrops, Placencia surely makes a perfect getaway spot for families,…

lobsterfest in Placencia Belize

Placencia Lobster Festival 2015

The dates for the Placencia Lobster Fest have been set from June 19th – 21st 2015. The event offers a wealth of great entertainment and activities and is the ultimate foodie-haven festival in Belize with tons of local flavors sizzling to perfection. Placencia offers golden beaches and a warm “village type” atmosphere that will add to your vacation experience while you enjoy your delicious lobster…


Belize: the World’s Best Destination for Whale Shark Diving

Despite their imposing size, whale shark are not a threat to human divers. They are grand examples of the fact that sharks are misunderstood as mindless killers. Whale shark have been known to interact with humans playfully. Divers can swim along side them as they feed and explore. Younger whale sharks are the friendliest, have been known to play with divers and are remarkably gentle….

whale shark - Placencia

Top 5 Things to do in Placencia Belize

A charming and gorgeous Peninsula in Southern Belize, Placencia is an ideal vacation destination to do many fun things.  Below are five fun activities that you can do when you are in Placencia: Explore Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary This is Belize’s most famous, and one of its biggest, protected areas – the huge swath of tropical forest became the world’s first jaguar sanctuary in 1984. Today it’s…