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  • 8 reasons to visit belize this november

    Belize is phenomenal! Belize is amazing! Belize is breath-taking! Belize has just won two international travel awards, making it the absolute hottest place to vacation, anywhere in the western hemisphere.

    Think about this – it’s November, it’s your annual vacation, you are going to make the most of every hour of every day. Today you go snorkeling and scuba diving in the majestic Belize Barrier Reef. Tomorrow you stroll on the white sandy beaches. The next day it’s jungle adventures, canoeing down a river looking for manatees, and zip-lining through the tropical canopy. After that you stand awestruck surrounded by Maya temples and palaces. The next day you chill out – relax, sit in your hammock and watch the waves lapping up against the beach. Sit in the open air bar and watch everyone else for an hour or two. Plan your sumptuous dinner, made from locally grown produce, and served with a Creole twist. Then it’s off into town to explore the stores and restaurants, meet the people and learn about the unique Garifuna culture.

    Yes, Belize is the place to be in November – and Laru Beya, down in Placencia, is the resort destination that you have been dreaming of. There are so many reasons to vacation in Belize.

    Here are eight:-

    1. Laru Beya Beach Resort is the premier, luxurious beachfront resort in Placencia Belize. We offer perfect all inclusive Belize packages and we work to meet your every need. If you visit us on your own and are looking for a quiet room, we have one for you. If you and your loved one want a penthouse suite with lovely views of the Caribbean Sea, we have it waiting for you. If your family and friends want a multi-room suite with kitchen, just book it; we’ll have it ready for your arrival. On top of that, from November 15 to December 15 we are discounting all of our accommodations by an incredible 20%

    2. Garifuna Settlement Day is November 19. It is our national holiday, the day when we reenact the Garifuna people arriving on these shores. Join in the festivities, listen to our music, dance, eat, drink, and learn about our culture. We look forward to this day all year long – and by visiting Laru Beya, you can experience it, too

    3. Our barrier reef is more than 240 miles long. Sail over it, snorkel around it, and scuba dive down, down, down to the bottom of it. You will never forget this experience. We arrange the tours and provide your professional guides, so you can enjoy it to the fullest, and take home this special memory of the Caribbean

    4. Going inland is just a breath-taking. Belize has numerous Mayan sites to explore. Placencia is perfectly located for you to take tours of Xunantunich, Nim Li Punit, Lubaantun and the Hokeb Ha Cave at Blue Creek. It was in the Hokeb Ha Cave that Archaeologists found many Late Classic ceramics and an altar leading them to theorize that the cave was used specifically for ceremonial purposes.These are just some of our most popular tours to the ancient world of the Maya

    5. Your journeys into the jungle will be another unforgettable experience. We can arrange for you to explore the forest, looking for the hundreds of exotic tropical birds, go canoeing, hook onto a zip line just for the thrill of it. Visit the largest jaguar preserve in the world. All of these tours are ones we arrange for you – just ask

    6. You must visit the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave. This truly is one of the wonders of the Mayan world. It was where holy men submerged themselves to perform special rituals, it was a sacrificial site where you can still see the broken pottery and remains of the human offerings

    7. Another reason for visiting Belize this November is because it is now cheaper and easier than just a few months ago. Southwest Airlines now flies non-stop to Belize, so as the competition between the airlines hots up, the prices go down

    8.Finally, the weather is wonderful in November. You will wake to temperatures in the low 70’s. They go up to a pleasant low 80’s, so it is never too hot to explore, and never too cold to swim

    We look forward to hearing from you, and to helping you make the most of our discounted prices, as you have the November vacation of your life, here at Laru Beya.

    Questions? Send us an email: [email protected] or call 1-800-890-8010. We will love to help plan your trip to Belize! Request more information on Belize all inclusive vacations!

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