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  • If you’re in the planning phase for a vacation, Belize should be your destination for all the right reasons. Belize is situated in Central America, between Mexico and Guatemala; it’s beautiful and hugged by nature all around. The abundance of breathtaking beaches, awe-inspiring sea life, the humble people, and fresh air are just a few things from a long list of great stuff to mention about this place. It’s a great place to get away from the usual hustle bustle of life and spend adventurous and pleasurable time with family. There are great many amazing things about Belize. Here are nine of them:

    Beautiful Beaches and Islands

    The beauty of Belize lies in its breathtaking blue beaches, coral islands and nature hugging land. The Corozal district in northern side of Belize has beaches with clear waters and breathtaking views. Many resorts are located within a short distance from these beaches which can be a great advantage point for people who love to soak up the sun and get a nice tan.

    Outdoor Sports

    It is a great spot for those who enjoy outdoor activities and water sports. There are great many outdoor sport options for tourists. Kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, fly fishing, boating, birding, swimming, deep sea fishing are some of the many outdoor sports that you can enjoy in Belize. There’s plenty stuff for everyone to keep themselves from getting bored at this beautiful location and absorb the awe inspiring nature that surrounds its beaches and islands.

    Healthy Local Produce

    Belize is a small country and houses a lot of natural produce from fruits and vegetables to nuts and dairy products. The local produce is fresh and hence great for health. You can also find the greasy American food like fried chicken and steaks at slightly high priced restaurants but the overall nutrition of Belizeans is based on natural products. So if you go to Belize and feel that your skin and health feels better, it’s because of the healthy ingredients used to prepare meals.

    Relaxing and Peaceful

    Belize is away from all the crazy madness of everyday life. The abundance of nature creates a peaceful and serene atmosphere that helps you escape from stress and anxiety, calms your senses and is a great way to unwind and relax. If the beaches don’t fit your definition of relaxation, then worry not, because Belize has a great night life too.

    Language and Currency

    One of the conveniences in Belize is that English is the official language. However, Spanish is a more popular language. Around 80% of the population speaks Spanish while 60% can speak English really well. Over the years, many Americans have brought lots in Belize and relocated there for good. The American dollar is widely accepted in Belize which is another big advantage if you’re coming from North America.

    Belize Time

    Belize is a place where time goes slow; everything and everyone is very relaxed and carries out their duty without a rush. The term “Belize Time” is coined for the same reason. While you are on vacation in Belize you will notice that Belizeans do things at their own pace; they take time less seriously than Americans do or Canadians do. Therefore, there’s nothing to worry about if you go to a nearby shop that opens at 8am – closed, and notice the owner coming up to open it nearly an hour later.


    What is better than a vacation that is affordable, fun and beautiful? Even though certain high end areas of Belize may be costly, many cheaper options are available to make your vacations relaxing and pocket friendly.

    Vacationing in Belize can be a very refreshing experience; swimming in blue coral waters can be a treat on its own. The real estate of Belize is also booming since many people planning to retire in their near future have been in search for lots for sale in Belize. If you’re interested to buy property in Belize, log on to and make the right investment for your golden years.

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