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  • No one can deny that Belize is a wonderfully diverse country with many speaking languages, cultures, and wildlife. The great thing about visiting Belize is that English is the main speaking language which makes it a lot easier to communicate with those around you. With an incredible barrier reef, amazing wildlife, ancient ruins, and a beautifully exotic atmosphere, Belize is the place to be. The important part of your vacation is to take advantage of the time you have in Belize. This list of the top five things to do in Belize should help you do just that.

    5) Manatee Watching, Swallow Caye Marine Sanctuary

    The non-profit organization that takes care of the Swallow Caye Marine Sanctuary has created this area to preserve the manatees and their way of life. This makes the sanctuary a perfect place to observe the manatees in peace. While anyone can agree that a manatee safari takes patience, you will find that your patience is well rewarded. There is nothing like seeing a manatee in its natural habitat. Be sure to look over the guidelines for visiting the sanctuary as they are very strict and enforced by the tour guides. Please remember that these rules are there to ensure that the manatees get the best life possible.

    4) Wildlife Photography: Belize Zoo

    The Belize wildlife is amazing. Unfortunately the wildlife tends to be nocturnal and is, therefore; very difficult to spot. The Belize Zoo has made it possible to see these animals and the way they live. The zoo is located on twenty nine acres of tropical savannah and includes over one hundred and twenty five animals that are all native to Belize. Wildcats, dolphins, manatees, jabiru stock birds, finches, and amazing reptiles are all yours to see. Please remember that although this is not necessarily a big zoo, it is one that is really worth the visit. It definitely helps you feel more in tune with the nature of Belize.

    3) Explore the Barrier Reef

    The Belize Barrier Reef is just about one hundred and ninety miles long which makes it the second longest next to Australia’s barrier reef. It has an incredibly diverse ecosystem and is an eye opening experience. Three hundred species of fish, sixty five species of coral, and large animals such as sea turtles and sea birds are commonly seen here. The wall dives and reef sharks are incredible fines as well. For those who are not open sea qualified there are beginning diving lessons for around eighty dollars that will take you no more that twenty feet down. It will involve close contact with your dive master at all times. If you wish to continue in higher courses, they are available to you.

    2) Play the Archeologist, Altun Ha

    Altun Ha is the most extensively excavated Maya sites in Belize. There are thirteen structures within two classical plazas. There are structures that involved huge archeological finds that brought huge steps into the understanding of the Mayans. At fifteen centimeters high, the jade head found is the largest statue of jade known in the world. As an extra bonus there is a small little nature trail outside of the plazas that will take you to the clay-line Rockstone pond which was used as a reservoir for the Mayans. The whole experience puts you in awe and makes you feel so very small. It is a great experience.

    1) Cave Tubing, Belize Maya Caves

    No where in the world is there a more amazing experience than that of the seven mile underground cave tubing ride that is available to you. With only headlamps to light your way and traveling in an inner tube it is both informative and peaceful. There are windows of light from the jungle above that makes it easy to see all the stalagmites and beautiful underground waterfalls. Past the waterfalls you are able to float into the Crystal Cathedral, a spiritual center for the Mayans. Some underground hiking and jungle trekking is necessary. It runs about ninety five dollars, but is well worth every penny. There is an off season for the tubing and that is from February to June. The water levels get way to low for any adventuring to be done.

    Please remember when visiting any of these places to be respectful. Treat it as if it was your own land. Otherwise have a wonderful vacation.

    By: 1actressinoregon

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