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  • Placencia Lobsterfest accommodations

    You might think that the humble lobster is nothing more than a tasty seafood dish that comes with a huge price tag, but in fact, lobster lore associated with this feisty crustacean is the stuff of legends. Marina Santos was so curious, she authored a paper for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sea Grant Program that refuted tales that lobster in 1770’s New England was held in such low regard, it was fed only to indentured servants. A riot demanding authorities limit the number of times slaves were served lobster ensued.

    Like most folktales, this one has plenty of doubters, but there’s still evidence that proves lobster was considered food for the poor in the U.S. Colonies, but what a difference a few centuries make! A Maine fishing industry document proves that in the 1880s, yearly revenue gleaned by Maine lobstermen was valued at $300,000 dollars, growing to an estimated $730,596,022 in 2021!

    Must you go to Maine to have your fill?

    Certainly not, but you may wish to avoid Washington D.C. where lobster dinners with an average of $100 per plate cost led many restaurants to take it off their menus, wrote Anna Spiegel for the Washingtonian in 2022. Expect to find equally jarring prices throughout 2023 or stick with fast food in North America and use your savings to fly to Belize, where you can devote the entirety of your stay to consuming as much lobster as time allows during the nation’s Lobsterfest bash, celebrated between July 14 -16, 2023 at Laru Beya Resort on the trendy Placencia Peninsula.

    Why prioritize a stay at Laru Beya Resort? Because you’ll enjoy three days of fun and entertainment at a time seasonal rates for digs are low and where lobster prices are so affordable, you can consume your fill without liquidating your stock portfolio. This resort offers guests a Caribbean stay that’s so loaded with fun things to do, you can double down on the amount of butter you slather onto your lobster and wear a different bib every day!

    Lobsterfest in Belize

    Lobster is king…

    …but you’ll feel like royalty once you nab the Laru Beya Belize all-inclusive package that covers everything about your stay and saves so much money, add-ons could extend your stay beyond three days. Travel between July 12th to July 19th to take advantage of a special Lobsterfest package that saves $80 per night. Interested? Read the details at the bottom of our Specials page and act fast since bookings are already flooding in!

    Your reservation extends beyond three days of fun at Laru Beya. You’ll be near the Placencia municipal pier where endless Lobsterfest entertainments are scheduled, including a kayak race, cast net competition, fishing tournament, and 50+ booths filled with food, arts, and drinks. Will lobster be on every menu? You bet—as will unlimited local beers and local mixed drinks crafted of Belizean gin, brandy, vodka, and rum, all of which are included with your Laru Beya resort package. Forget Maine, lousy weather, and high prices. Come to Belize where eating in style is just part of the fun!

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