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  • The Quarter Deck Restaurant and Bar is located in Placencia Village, Belize at Laru Beya Beach Resort. This resort is one of the high-end resorts that are located in Placencia Village and the resort features only the highest quality amenities available. One of the best points about The Quarter Deck Restaurant And Bar is that not only the local residents of Laru Beya are fond of the restaurant, but visitors enjoying time in Placencia Village also thoroughly enjoy the restaurant. The locals are friendly and the atmosphere in the restaurant and bar is always open and inviting.


    Great For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert And Drinks

    The Quarter Deck Restaurant is perfect stop for a quick meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks. The restaurant and bar are open air making it a great destination for a good meal with a big group, a drink with friends, entertaining a potential business client, dining on a small budget or a date night with your significant other. No matter how big or small your group is, the restaurant has the perfect seating selection. Fresh fruit (tropical) and eggs are meals of choice during the breakfast hours and quick, easy to eat sandwiches are popular during the lunch and evening hours. Three course dinners are available however if that is more what you are searching for. If you are looking to end the evening with a nice dessert and drink, that is also an option available at The Quarter Deck Restaurant And Bar. Only the highest quality, local, fresh ingredients are used in meal preparation at the Quarter Deck Restaurant. The bar in the restaurant features a wide array of cocktails, beer and wine that are perfect for every mood.

    The Quarter Deck Restaurant And Bar feature menu items from $5 to $20 allowing the variety to cater to budgets of all sizes. Whether you are looking to dine and drink on a tight budget, or let loose and enjoy the finer cuisine available, this restaurant and bar has both options to offer. With a friendly, open environment, and a wide menu selection to fit everyone’s needs, The Quarter Deck Restaurant And Bar is a must visit restaurant for the locals and visitors of Laru Beya Beach Resort.

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