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  • With a year-round balmy climate and fertile soils, Belize produces a broad range of organic fruits that make delicious tropical juices.

    Looking for a fine selection of beers, rum, and other adult beverages, including a wide assortment of cocktails? Belize is the place for you!

    Some of the signature drinks that you’ll find in Belize include:

    Fresh Juices

    Farmers in Belize harvest bounteous crops of fruits that make excellent juice, including oranges, grapefruit, lemons, papaya, mango, coconut, pineapple, soursop, dragon fruit, guava, and sapodilla.


    Belize has just one domestic brewer: Belikin Beer. Because of high import taxes on other brands, Belikin is definitely the beer of choice in Belize.

    Some of Belikin’s most popular beers include:

    • Belikin Stout – Made from Belizean sugar, German hops, and Canadian malt.
    • Lighthouse Lager – A refreshing pilsner with a bracing effect (4.2% alcohol).
    • Belikin Premium – Made from a fine blend of three separate malts and two kinds of hops.
    • Guinness Stout – Made under license in Belize, this beer has a stronger taste and higher alcohol content than the Guinness brewed in Europe.

    Other brands of beer you can find in Belize include:

    • Red Stripe – The Jamaican classic.
    • Carib – Brewed and bottled in Trinidad and Tobago.
    • Heineken – Brewed under license in St. Lucia.
    • Dragon Stout – A robust Jamaican beer.

    True fact: Bottled beer in Belize is always served tableside with the cap removed and a napkin neatly wrapped around the neck of the bottle. No one is quite sure how this custom came about.


    As a Caribbean nation, there are plenty of local brands of rum, all of them made with locally-grown sugar. However, the two most popular distilleries are Traveller’s Liquor and Cuello Distilling.

    Traveller’s Liquor’s most popular products include:

    • Belizean Rum – A light and refreshing gold rum.
    • Gold Rum – A classic gold rum.
    • One Barrel – Perhaps the most famous rum in Belize.

    Cuello’s most popular products include:

    • Caribbean Coconut – A delightful rum perfect for making cocktails.
    • Caribbean Extra Strong – Exactly what the label says!
    • Caribbean White – An excellent silver rum.

    Unusual Drinks

    For the curious, here are some unique drinks that you’ll only find in Belize:

    • Seaweed shakes – A sweetened, thick drink made from locally-harvested seaweed plus milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla.
    • Cashew wine – Made from the fruit of the cashew tree instead of the nut.
    • Chocolate beer – Made from locally-grown cacao.
    • Fruit wines – Including blackberry, ginger, and sorrel.

    All of the above drinks and many other delicious beverages are served daily at the Quarterdeck Restaurant and Bar located on the grounds of the Laru Beya Resort in Placencia.


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