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  • Belize 4th of July sale

    Have you ever wondered why some promotional offers are called sales while others are referred to as flash sales? There is a distinction. Regular sales are run-of-the-mill promotions while flash sales emulate the descriptors: Anyone wishing to take advantage of a flash sale can’t dawdle because they run for very short time periods and require prompt responses. Flash sales are the bane of procrastinators!

    If flash sales are your favorite kinds of offers and you’ve got travel on your mind, you’re invited to learn a bit about a current opportunity that could have your name written all over it. This promotion was dreamed up by folks at Belize’s Laru Beya Resort on the Placencia coastline and you won’t have trouble understanding how deep these discounts for travel are because they’re posted in U.S. dollars.

    There’s a short window to book your getaway

    No college degree is required to figure out that you won’t have much time to take advantage of Laru Beya’s 4th of July Flash sale, but once you see how much you’re rewarded for booking by the deadline, you won’t require an extended length of time to make a travel decision. Your first job? Browse the generous all-inclusive package that is the gateway to your discount. How much will you save? The numbers are impressive:

    • Vacation for 3 nights and take US$300 off your package price.
    • Stay 4 nights and deduct US$450.
    • Linger for 5 nights and celebrate your US$550 reduction.
    • A 6-night stay is eligible for a US$650 discount.
    • Sojourn 7-days or more and take US$750 off your bill.

    belize vacation discounts

    You have plenty of time to make plans

    Just because you must book by July 18th, that doesn’t mean you must take your discounted vacation immediately. Escape to Laru Beya any time between now and December 18, 2023. Is there are a downside to having this much leeway in terms of your travel schedule? A bit. Folks flocking to claim this flash sale may grab the dates you prefer, so look upon this as a “first come, first served” arrangement that benefits those who get their bookings in early.

    As with all deals offering huge savings, specific restrictions apply, so read and understand the details described on this specials page.

    Will you develop a fondness for the words “flash sale” once you become aware of the bounty of savings this type of promotion offers when compared to ordinary sales? Probably. But you are very unlikely to focus on those savings during your Laru Beya stay since you’ll be too preoccupied indulging in the bliss of a getaway that comes with all the trappings of a full-price stay. Expect to run into guests who may not have taken advantage of this flash sale when given the opportunity, so you may want to keep this secret all to yourself, unless you can’t resist sharing your obvious wisdom!

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