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    Belize, Best Places to Retire Abroad

    With gorgeous weather all year round, beautiful nature to explore, affordable prices, a well-established expat community and a government that offers special incentives for retirees, Belize is rapidly becoming one of the most affordable and exciting retirement spots. The only country in the region where English is widely spoken and the official language, life is comfortable, familiar and safe in Belize.

    Below are 10 benefits of retiring in Belize:

    1. Stable Economy – Belize has a low inflation rate, a stable economy, and a currency permanently pegged to the U.S. dollar.
    2. English – Belize is the only country in Central America where English is the official language, used in education, laws, and signage.
    3. Close to the United States – Visit the grandkids or family back home with daily flights to America. Get to Houston, Atlanta, and Miami in just a few hours.
    4. Legal System – As a former British colony, Belizean law is based on British common law and is familiar and comfortable for Americans.
    5. Low Taxes – Depending on your income source and amount, it’s possible to live in Belize with zero tax liability.
    6. Retirement Benefits – Anyone over the age of 45 can potentially qualify for special retiree visas that include tax advantages and special perks.
    7. Community – Belizeans believe that family and community come before anything else, putting people ahead of profits.
    8. Affordable Real Estate – Belize is a beautiful country and there are plenty of choice real estate available at prices far better than in the United States.
    9. Belize It – A top destination for vacationers, living in Belize is a chance to experience a tropical paradise on a daily basis. Warm weather, sunny skies, a gorgeous coastline, a spectacular coral reef, and pristine nature make Belize a wonderful place to live.
    10. Expats – More and more expats are discovering the benefits of living in Belize. Having a comfortable and familiar community is a great way to set down new roots and enjoy a social life.

    When traveling in and around Belize, the resort of Laru Beya on the beautiful Placencia Peninsula is a great place to stay while exploring your options. Many retirees have settled in Placencia due to its beautiful beaches, laid-back lifestyle, and close proximity to both the Belize Barrier Reef and the best spots on the mainland.

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