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  • Placencia isn’t only known for it’s nice beaches and great bars, it’s one of those places that pairs fine dining and hearty meals surprisingly well. One evening you can be having a luxurious dinner at an upscale restaurant and the next day you can be sitting under a shack on the beach and have the best breakfast you’ve ever had. You pretty much can equally enjoy each food experience and feel like a winner. Below are 5 of my favourite food spots in Placencia.


    Fish y Vino

    Possibly the most famous restaurant in Placencia, Rumfish y Vino takes advantage of fresh Belizean ingredients to make extraordinary dishes. If you’re lucky, when you visit you can spot celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon who a couple years ago constantly ate there during her honeymoon.

    Yoli’s Bar & Grill

    This is one of those places where both locals and tourists love because it’s cosy and perfect to catch authentic Belizean dishes. I remember spending a lot of time here once when went for a family trip to Placencia. On Sundays they usually do a big BBQ that lures people from throughout the peninsula.

    Maya Beach Hotel Bistro

    Maya Beach is about eight miles away from Placencia village but its worth the trip! My friend Kirsten Alana couldn’t get enough of this place on her recent visit. She kept raving about the way they mixed local ingredients and made world class food. It sounds like we have a Michelin star restaurant in Maya Beach.


    As part of one of the oldest businesses on the peninsula (Seaspray hotel), De’Tatch has perfected cooking Belizean seafood. Their ambience is the best though, there’s nothing better than enjoying a good meal under a thatched cabana on the beach.

    Tutti Frutti

    Owned by two Italian expats, Tutti Frutti is the perfect place to go for dessert. Thanks to the use of the freshest local ingredients, they serve the best gourmet ice cream and gelato in Belize. Folks keep asking me if it’s true that it’s also the best gelato in the world? Hmm, I plead the fifth.


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