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  • Get ready for the 2019 Placencia Lobsterfest!

    People come to Belize from all around the world to experience the clear blue waters of the Caribbean and the stunning sandy white beaches. Placencia is one of the best regions for vacationers who want to enjoy fun in the sun. But the waters are more than just a playground for visitors from abroad. While Placencia Village is a tourist hub, it’s also a fishing village. The wide variety of sea life has created a wealthy culinary tradition along the coast. That makes Belize as equally exciting a destination for gastronomic explorers as it is for wilderness explorers. There’s no better time to sample the range of flavors that the southern coast offers than attending the Placencia Lobsterfest.

    This year’s Lobsterfest will be taking place from June 21 to June 23, and it’s a no holds barred celebration of one of the most delectable creatures to come out of the warm Caribbean waters. The dozens of savory dishes on display will cover everything from regional staples like ceviche, pies, and fajitas to more experimental fare from some of the biggest culinary names around. Upscale chefs throughout Placencia see this festival as an opportunity to flex their prowess and show off the techniques they’ve developed throughout the preceding year. But lobster is delicious even without any special preparation, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not indulging in classic grilled lobster with melted butter on the side.

    And while the reason for the season is the lobsters, Lobsterfest is an excuse for a wide range of different celebrations. Placencia Village turns into an open-air party during the festivities. You’ll find games, live music, and activities for kids, such as face painting. Lobsterfest 2019 promises dozens of booths highlighting the local arts and crafts of the village and surrounding areas as well as an excuse to wet your thirsty palate. Be sure not to miss games like Cast Net and Reel in the Dinghy, and set aside some time in the day to enjoy the Mr. and Mrs. Physique beauty contest.

    This tradition has been a major part of Placencia’s culture for over two decades, and it’s a great opportunity for connecting with the local cultures, but it’s also a busy event. That means that you’ll want to find a prime location to serve as your base camp. Secure your lodgings at Laru Beya today to ensure that you have a comfortable and amenable place to stay during your Belize vacation.

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