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  • Maya Ruins, Jungles and Beach: Classic Vacation to Belize

    Even if you love your job, chances are you refer to your work situation as a jungle on occasion. Crazy bosses. Impossible co-workers. Disruptions that make you wonder if you will ever get through the never-ending list of looming deadlines.

    All of this stress can come home to roost and impact your health, which is why even trained therapists recommend a vacation so loaded with diversity, you don’t think about work. It’s possible you need a different kind of jungle to get back to equilibrium—and you’ll find the best of them in Belize.

    Jungles and Beaches and Ruins, Oh My

    If you wonder how much variety you will find in a nation that’s around the size of Vermont, you’re in for a surprise: Belize is the quintessential vacationland that gives you every type of sensory stimulation you crave in such close proximity, getting from one place to another is a no brainer. Verdant jungles filled with breathtaking greenery, flowers and groundcover make Belize a botanical Eden.

    Exploring Belize jungles brings visitors to sites of breathtaking waterfalls, exotic animals and a world of birds so expansive, hobbyists don’t think about going elsewhere to spot the rarest birds in the Western Hemisphere. In fact, Placencia in Southern Belize is home to nature reserves like Monkey River and Cockscomb Basin, both of which offer sanctuary to jaguars, howler monkeys, tapirs and armadillos.

    While you’re in a jungle state of mind, expand your mind touring Mayan ruins like Nim li Punit, Xunantunich, Cahal Pech and Lubantuum. Every crack and cranny reveals secrets about sophisticated cultures that thrived in Belize thousands of years ago. And when your mind is sated and you hunger for fun, the best-rated beaches in the Caribbean await you in Placencia.

    Can you hang out in the jungle 24/7?

    Maya Ruins, Jungles and Beach: Classic Vacation to Belize

    You may want to, but sleeping on a jungle floor isn’t practical—especially when there’s a luxurious resort in Placencia eager to provide picture-postcard accommodations. Laru Beya is ideally situated amid all of this splendor so you’re in close proximity to ruins, jungles and beaches. The resort is located close to the Garifuna village of Seine Bight, restaurants and nightlife.On the other hand, don’t leave the resort if you prefer. After all, everything you need is at your fingertips. A world-class spa. Welcoming breezes. Suites that make you feel like royalty. See for yourself:

    “Hammocks come standard” say Laru Beya hosts when pointing guests in the direction of the on-site restaurant and bar, infinity pool and beach. Rumor has it that 24 hours at Laru Beya is all it takes to shed office jungle stress. Once you decompress, take a page from the playbook of Mayas who disappeared without a trace: Enjoy life now. Who knows what tomorrow brings?

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