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  • As the mecca for agricultural events in Belize, the National Agriculture and Trade Show 2013, is your ticket to an array of spectacular activities, entertainment, cultural foods and the center point for commercial products from various sectors of the economy!

    Don’t miss the chance to mingle and enjoy one of the largest 3-day events of Belize, this May 3rd – 5th, 2013, held in the country’s Capital, Belmopan.  With an expected 32,000 attendees, this event is geared toward all ages, and has developed over a period of years, into a show of the diversity in Belize.

    The National Agriculture & Trade Show is a Belizean tradition, going as far back as 1970, giving light to the agricultural practices and success in Belize.

    Faithful participants can also note exciting changes in the venue layout! From a kiddies area, agricultural exhibits, food courts, commercial, livestock, mechanical rides and rodeo zone, you can explore the grounds for a wonderful time that will keep you coming back, yearly!

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