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  • Start your day – or end it – with the peaceful invigoration that comes with kayaking. Paddle leisurely in lagoons or near the barrier reef.

    In your kayak, it’s easy to become one with the natural, pristine environment of Belize. The rhythmic sound of your paddle slicing through the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea creates a relaxing cadence as you navigate the islands of a tropical paradise, graced by the magnificent, effortless flight of frigate birds in the cerulean skies overhead.

    Inside the shallow reef, look for fish, rays and dolphin. Or explore the intricate mangrove ecosystem for resident and migratory birds in the branches and the delicate seahorse in the root systems.

    Coastal and beach resorts offer kayaks for short excursions up the beach and around the islands while professional kayak outfitters offer multiday packages which operate either from a single base camp or in island hopping fashion.

    Many kayak packages include equipment, guides, cooks and diving. Some packages feature fresh water excursions up river and a rainforest experience.

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