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  • On May 22 to 24, 2015, Toledo District will celebrate the Chocolate Festival of Belize, a unique event that showcases traditional and modern chocolate making procedures, chocolate inspired dishes and beverages, along with enticing cultural entertainment.

    Known as the unspoiled district in Belize, Toledo is a destination that features lush jungles, Maya temples, waterfalls, caves and offers excellent offshore cayes for superb snorkeling, scuba diving and world class fishing.

    Toledo is also a multi-cultural district and its kaleidoscope of cultures is manifested in the lifestyle of its people.  The traditional Maya farmers in the quaint villages, the Creole women at the busy morning market, and the Mennonites in their horse-drawn buggies are daily sceneries that enchant visitors.

    chocolate festival belize

    Since the inception of the festival in 2007, the event has been a raging success attracting hundreds of visitors who get to sample delectable treats made of chocolate.

    The objective of the Chocolate Festival is to not only raise awareness of the Toledo District as an ecotourism destination, but to also help improve the lives of families especially (cocoa) farmers in Southern Belize through direct employment in the tourism industry or through the ripple effect of spreading the economic activity through the district.


    This year, the festival will mark its 9th anniversary and will kick off on May 22nd 2015 with a Wine and Chocolate Gala from 7 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. The event will continue until the 24th of May with a variety of cultural presentations and fun filled activities.

    Guests who are interested in attending the event, can email Tim Mes at info(@) for further information.

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