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  • Belize is rapidly becoming one of the top destinations for honeymooners and couples wanting to enjoy a romantic getaway vacation. Located just a few hours flying time from major cities across the United States, Belize is a tropical wonderland of offshore islands, white sand beaches, mysterious ancient cities, pristine jungles, and a rainbow of colorful birds and exotic wildlife.

    If you’re considering where to enjoy your honeymoon, Belize in the summer is an exceptional choice. Summer is the off season in Belize, so you can enjoy a wonderfully romantic atmosphere far from the maddening crowds. Off season rates make it easy to enjoy romantic activities like couple’s massages, candlelit dinners on the beach, sipping on champagne, relaxing in a hammock, and taking a sunrise cruise with your favorite wine.

    Although Belize has hundreds of miles of gorgeous sugar sand beaches, many say that the beaches of the Placencia Peninsula are especially lovely. Measuring 16 miles from north to south, the Placencia Peninsula is ideally positioned close to both the wonders of the Belize Barrier Reef as well as popular mainland activities like the Cockscomb Basin Nature Reserve, ancient Maya cities, boat safaris up the Monkey River, and pristine jungles teeming with wildlife.

    The Placencia Peninsula has an idyllic mangrove-lined lagoon on its western edge that is popular with anglers, bird watchers, and nature lovers. The eastern side of the peninsula is where the mainland meets the Caribbean, a beautiful place to enjoy long, romantic walks up the beach or simply to relax and marvel at the view. Two enormous protected marine areas are located just a few miles offshore of Placencia – ideal places to enjoy world-class snorkeling or scuba diving.

    Whether you’re looking to relax in quiet intimacy with your partner or want a fun honeymoon full of thrills, Belize truly has it all. Exciting activities on the mainland include zip lining through the jungle, horseback riding in the rainforest, canoeing, cave tubing (floating down subterranean rivers on an inner tube), and exploring ancient cities carved out of the jungle by the once mighty Maya civilization. You can also visit one of the numerous animal sanctuaries to learn more about wildlife in Belize as well as get a chance to see exotic creatures like jaguars, tapirs, and monkeys.

    The lovely beach resort of Laru Beya is located on the Caribbean coast of the famous Placencia Peninsula in southeastern Belize. Just steps away from the Garifuna village of Seine Beight, Laru Beya has everything you need to enjoy an unforgettably romantic summer.

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