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  • Don’t let anyone try to dissuade you from visiting Belize during the month of February by insisting it’s the rainy season. They’re just jealous that you’re looking for a February vacation and they’re not. The rainy season doesn’t start for months!

    February in Belize is not just the best respite you could get from the bruising winter weather North Americans have grown fed up with by the end of January, but there is so much going on to incentivize your trip, you may not be able to wait to make your plans once you finish reading this post.

    We don’t have to tell you that Valentine’s Day in Belize is the ideal time to surprise the love of your life with a visit. Come to the Placencia Peninsula for your quota of romance, sun, and fun, booking a stay at Laru Beya, a resort so posh and wondrous, it has no equal.

    Belize in Fenruary - Poolside

    We help you find an excuse to visit

    If the weather isn’t the factor that drives you running and screaming toward tropical breezes and palm trees, perhaps Laru Beya resort amenities will convince you that staying away makes no sense. You need a respite to calm your mind and body because you know that relaxation is just what the doctor ordered in winter to revive your spirit.

    At Laru Beya, everything you can dream up is at your fingertips: gorgeous ocean-view suites, onsite bar and restaurant where locally-sourced foods are caught, picked and prepared so expeditiously, you’ve never tasted food this fresh. The pool and ocean embrace your skin, lulling you into a state of bliss. Not one to lie about? How about perusing Laru Beya’s tour menu that includes ancient Mayan ruin tours, bird watching, snorkeling, diving, and sailing?

    Belize in Fenruary - Srinks on the beach
    Did we mention spa services?

    Whether you’re interested in Laru Beya as a way to get outside yourself by experiencing one or more of the diversions offered or you intend to make this the single most romantic trip imaginable, clever scheduling means you’ll be able to weave spa services into your itinerary every day, if you like.

    You will have your choice of romantic options: a massage and other services in your suite or on your balcony. Add a healing body wrap, therapeutic body scrub, facial or hand/foot reflexology session to your list. Once you’re in a state of ecstasy, we recommend sun time and a drink. You wouldn’t be the first guest we’ve found lying in the sun with a big grin on your face and a cocktail glass in hand.

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