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  • Although many people come to Belize to engage in exciting activities like scuba diving, horseback riding, zip lining, and snorkeling or to marvel at the colorful array of wildlife, one of the most amazing attractions in the country is one that occurs every single day — the sun rising over the sparkling waters of the Caribbean.

    Few experiences can compare to dawn in Belize. As night slowly transitions from twinkling stars in the sky to the first few streaks of color, the rising of the sun causes all life to stir. Birds begin emerging from their nests, merrily chirping as they welcome the new day. The nocturnal denizens of the jungle-like tapirs and jaguars return to their homes while the animals that are alert during the day begin to make their rounds, such as brightly colored macaws, scampering monkeys, and brightly colored tree frogs.

    Whether hand in hand with a loved one or simply enjoying a solo cup of coffee in your room, watching the sunrise stirs something unforgettable in even the least romantic of hearts. As the rosy-fingered dawn continues its slow and majestic ascent into the sky, the first golden rays of the sun begin to shine, giving life-giving warmth to creatures great and small.

    Ever since humans first began to walk the dusty plains of Africa, sunbathing was a form of healing both physically and spiritually. The rays of the sun kiss bare skin, creating vital sources of Vitamin D while warming the heart, both physically and psychologically. Every sunrise reveals a seemingly brand new day, with the cares and worries of the past erased. Sunshine is the key ingredient to happiness, optimism, and joy. The Belize sunrise awakens feelings of gratitude, peace, and wonderment for all people, rich or poor, king or peasant.

    Like an enormous celestial battery, the sun is the source of energy for everything humankind has ever done or ever will do. The sunlight that falls on the planet in one hour contains more energy than all of the electricity produced by humans in an entire year. Yet sunlight is a peaceful, natural, beautiful source of energy, calming and soothing as it powers every life form on the planet.

    Sunlight is also a cure for many ailments, ranging from depression to PTSD. Exposure to sunlight strengthens bones, reduces anxiety, and reduces inflammatory ailments like arthritis. Studies have shown that sunlight also helps reduce pain, slows down cancers, helps reduce high blood pressure, and strengthens the most important muscle in the body — the heart.

    But the sun is much more than just nature’s finest medicine. It is the source of joy, inspiration, and love. Watching a sunrise will cause your heart to soar and remind you that every day is truly a gift.

    To enjoy one of Belize’s spectacular sunrises, book your next vacation at Laru Beya Resort on the Placencia Peninsula. Laru Beya is located just steps away from the ocean with beautiful rooms and suites, each offering unobstructed views of the Caribbean, perfect for watching the miracle of sunrise in Belize.





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