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  • Can you imagine someone saying that Seattle, Washington is a mirror image of Charleston, South Carolina? Even creative people would have to dig hard to find commonalities. Truth is, the U.S. is around 428-times larger than Belize, yet Northern and Southern Belize are so unique, both sides could be separate countries.The food is different. The landscape is, too. And for folks who, for one reason or another, have spent all of their time in the northern part of Belize, surprises await when they travel south. Here’s why you should expand your horizons and dip your toes into the rarefied world that is southern Belize.Differences you can take to the bankBelize shows its diversity in myriad ways that differentiate north from south. Perhaps proximity to Mexico has turned the northern end of the nation into a more popular destination for tourists simply because there’s so much going on there: higher populations, more ex-pat communities and proximity to the nation’s international airport.

    All that changes as you travel to south Belize where topography differences are dramatic enough to strike a contrast. The vibe is slower, and some say just driving south instills a sense of tranquility in weary travelers. In fact, tourism experts call southern Belize the hidden jewel in the nation’s crown, so make 2019 the year you see what everyone’s been talking about.

    Variety is the spice of life

    Is it possible to get bored when leaving northern Belize since the south is so laid back? No way. There’s so much diversity to see, taste, experience and enjoy, you could say, “What north?” soon after your arrival when you see how much there is to do. You can,

    -Snorkel and dive the Silk Cayes.
    -Eat and drink your way through Placencia.
    -Hike, zipline and waterfall repel within Mayflower Bocawina National Park’s jungle.
    -Explore the southern-most Toledo District’s Mayan ruins at Punta Gorda.
    -Trek Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary by foot or mountain bike.
    -Enjoy music scene where Garifuna drumming could seep into your soul.

    Stay where you play

    It makes good sense to headquarter in Southern Belize since that’s where you intend to have the time of your life. Tourism professionals frequently recommend Laru Beya Resort because you’ll be close to the adventures mentioned above and more.

    How does the idea of booking a single package sound? At Laru Beya, the all-inclusive “Best of Southern Belize Adventure Package” strikes a chord with travelers because everything they desire is included at a single rate. This includes elegant accommodations, gourmet meals, guided tours and even your bar tab is included.

    We challenge you to come up with a single reason you don’t deserve to vacation in the lap of luxury, otherwise known as “the South.” Secure your booking now so you can see for yourself what paradise on earth looks and feels like.

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