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  • placencia belize weddingsA record number of today’s brides and grooms invite their parents out to dinner when they break the news that they’ve decided on a destination wedding. Why? Such an announcement often cancels out long-held visions of veils, bands, sky-high cakes and crowds of guests, many of whom wind up on the guest list only because “they must.”

    That’s when your game plan kicks in. Explain how much money they’ll save if you don’t have to feed the multitudes. Paint a portrait of relaxation as mom is relieved of tasks like culling guest lists. With each rationale for a destination wedding in Belize, you may notice your parents relax, especially when you tell them that you’ll have just as much pageantry and romance without the cost and hassle.

    Where in Belize to find the best of all worlds? Placencia. This picturesque finger of land is far from the nation’s party capital, which is why it is quickly becoming the wedding capital of Belize. Here are just a few reasons to choose this lush destination for your wedding.

    1. Belize weddings are stress free, particularly if you select a venue like Laru Beya Resort in sleepy, beautiful Placencia where the only thing more breathtaking than the beaches is the resort itself. Staff are experts at working with couples to deliver exactly the ceremony and reception they desire. In fact, most of the planning will be done by phone or email, so when you get off the plane, you’ll have very little to do.

    2. If seeing is believing, visit the Laru Beya website. It tells you all you need to know about the splendor of the setting and package that includes everything you want and need. From wedding coordination to legalities involved with tying the knot, staff can provide your officiants, and you get everything that goes into a picture-perfect ceremony, including flowers, cake and bubbly.

    3. Nothing culls the invitation herd more than a destination wedding. For folks who really want to come, the short flight to Belize is affordable, and for fringe family members, work associates and people you don’t much care about, you can send invitations and tell them how sorry you are that they can’t be there! Family dramas have been avoided so often, destination weddings are the epitome of tranquility and harmony.

    4. Even if your parents don’t show their relief at first, they’re going to save a bundle on a destination wedding. Affordability is surprising, even with lots of bells and whistles. Say statisticians posting numbers on the website “The Knot,” the cost of today’s wedding runs between $35,000 and $100,000. You can expect to pay about 10-percent of that amount in Belize, especially if you take advantage of Laru Beya’s package deal.

    5. You will actually have time to spend with your guests since their number will be manageable. Imagine not having to flit from one table of guests to another at your reception, staying just long enough for a photo before you move on to the next 15 tables. And the beach at Laru Beya doesn’t close down at midnight, which is when wedding halls usually kick guests out.

    Little work. Lots of fun. Cost savings that everyone appreciates and all the romance in the world. Couples look back at their decision to marry in Belize as one of the wisest moves they’ve made. That’s why so many return to Laru Beya for anniversary vacations to recapture that joy.

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