Belize: the World’s Best Destination for Whale Shark Diving

Despite their imposing size, whale shark are not a threat to human divers. They are grand examples of the fact that sharks are misunderstood as mindless killers. Whale shark have been known to interact with humans playfully. Divers can swim along side them as they feed and explore. Younger whale sharks are the friendliest, have been known to play with divers and are remarkably gentle….

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2015 A Good Year To Visit Belize

Since the year started, Belize has been featured on numerous websites across the Internet as a must visit destination in 2015. The latest mention Belize received was on the Good Morning America Television Show. Pauline Frommer, an editor of Frommers Guide recommended Belize as the destination that you have to visit abroad this year. Photo by Kathy Gurney She described Belize as a “life affirming…

Southwestern Airlines coming to Belize

At a meeting of the Belize Hotel Association yesterday, Chairman of the Aviation Development Committee Anthony Hunt, alongside Belize Tourism Board Director Karen Bevans, announced that Southwest Airlines will begin flights to Belize City in October 2015.

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Celebrating Garifuna Settlement Day

On behalf of the Management and Staff of Laru Beya, we want to wish all Belizeans at home and abroad, a Happy Garifuna Settlement Day. Please read the article below to learn more about the Garifuna people: The Garifuna people are one of the few remaining African ethnic groups in the entire Caribbean and Latin America who still maintain their culture. Some historians believe that…