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  • If you are trying to plan the perfect vacation to a beautiful Caribbean vacation, you may be well aware that the destination you choose to visit will be a major factor in how enjoyable your vacation is. There are many beautiful tropical destinations that you can visit, but Belize is one of the unique destinations that should be at the top of your list. Belize is a gorgeous tropical setting that provides you with the opportunity to explore rainforests, coral reefs and magnificent Mayan ruins on your vacation, making it the ideal location for your next trip.

    Belize Barrier Reef

    belize barrier reefJust off of the Belize coastline is the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, which spans across 185 miles of the coastline. It is the largest reef of its kind in the hemisphere, making it a top draw for those who have plans to scuba dive or snorkel while on vacation. There are numerous popular dive and snorkel spots that you can visit that are teeming with aquatic wildlife, including reef sharks, rays and other interesting animals.

    Mayan Ruins

    Belize Mayan RuinsBelize was once home to more than two million Mayans, making it a wonderful place to visit if you want to learn more about ancient history. There are many ruins and remnants of the civilization located throughout the rainforest in Belize. Some of the top attractions that you can explore include Xunantunich, Nim Li Punit, Caracol, Cahal Pech and Lubaantun, to name a few. You can spend several days or more exploring each of these and other ruins in Belize.

    The Rainforest

    Belize RainforestIf you want to explore a rainforest teeming with wildlife while on vacation, Belize will not disappoint you. More than 80 percent of the land in Belize is covered by rainforest, and this is an area that is home to wildlife that ranges from crocodiles and tapirs to jaguars, pumas, armadillos and more. There are also 4,000 different species of tropical flowers and 500 species of birds in the area. Belize is truly an incredible place to visit that will fascinate you, and you can take hiking tours, and zip line adventures through the rainforest.

    When you are planning a trip to Belize, you want to choose a resort that is strategically located to provide you with easy access to the Belize Barrier Reef and land adventures that await you. Laru Beya is a luxury resort located in the Placencia Peninsula in southern Belize, and it is ideally situated in a prime location close to ruins, rainforests and reefs.


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