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  • night life scenes in placencia belize

    We travel to experience, learn, disconnect, relax, connect with our loved ones, and even for fun! And what makes the experience of it all even better, is traveling to a country like Belize!

    With a population of only 355,000 inhabitants, Belize is truly Mother Nature’s best-kept secret! Cushioned between Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras, it makes Belize geographically a Central American country. As much as the geography shouts Central American, the language, culture and vibe, mirrors the Caribbean. Depending on your location within this small country, you’ll get to see different sides of Belize based on the predominant culture of an area.

    Belize is often referred to as “the melting pot”, for the numerous cultures it is home to. The main cultures are Maya, Mestizo, Garifuna, Creole and Mennonites. With the blend of these cultures you are sure to experience many walks of life and learn something new in every district you visit. The food, music, clothing, colors and lifestyles are all echoes of the unique blend of people that this paradise is home to.

    Getting back to traveling for fun, there’s no other party like a Belizean party! And if you say no that, well….”YUH BETTA BELIZE IT!!” (You better believe it pronounced in Creole). Home to the infamous Belikin Beer (a must try), exotic foods infused with a little of every culture, music to reflect the rhythms and vibe of its people and dance styles equally as diverse, Belize is perfect for the young at heart.

    Placencia Belize is not a lot different from other destinations in the country and a great place to enjoy some authentic Belize nightlife. You can find Garifuna drummers and locals dancing to a style called “Punta.” Crack back, relax and enjoy the cool sea breeze with a couple ice-cold Belikin beers, or join the locals for a fun night of Belizean-style dancing.

    If you happen to be in Placencia, these are must-visit nightlife spots:

    Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar

    Occasional live bands spice up the program at Placencia’s shiniest bar, featuring pool tables, flat screen TV’s and a concrete apron spreading onto the sands. A fun-loving crowd gathers most nights, and happy hour runs from 7pm to 8pm. Great place to mix with the locals and experience good Caribbean flavor.

    Barefoot Beach Bar

    Feel like just being yourself and meet up with other travelers? Barefoot Beach Bar is for you! With creative mixed drinks, great happy hour specials, tasty food and a “everything goes” vibe, this little beach side spot is a must check!

    D’Eclipse Entertainment Club

    Just north of the airstrip, this place is in a location where noise pollution wouldn’t bother hotel and houses. This is the place to go if you really want to get down with your dance moves, attended by locals and tourists.

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