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  • For more than 30 years, the Rough Guides have been one of the most widely read travel publications. In their Rough Guide to 2018, the venerable travel publisher has identified a number of top destinations to visit around the world, including Belize.

    Coming in at number 18 on their global list, the Rough Guide to 2018 highlighted the lack of mass tourism and the wild, abundant nature in Belize, giving the country a leg up over more well-known neighbors such as Costa Rica. The Rough Guide to 2018 also praised the Belizean government’s commitment to the environment which has worked hard to protect the country’s pristine beaches, barrier reef, and rainforests.

    The Rough Guide to 2018 also favorably mentioned Belize’s close proximity to the United States and Canada (Belize can be reached in five hours or less from major cities across North America) and that its position as the only English-speaking country in the region makes it easy for visitors to get around and speak to locals. Indeed, the Rough Guide had high praise for Belize’s small population (fewer than 380,000 residents) that is also quite diverse, including cultures such as the Maya, Mennonites, Mestizo, Creole, and Garifuna people.

    Belize was also given high marks for being a great place to visit for every kind of traveler. Honeymooners and visitors looking for high-end resorts have plenty of options to choose from on both the mainland and offshore islands and cayes, but the country has successfully preserved its traditional lifestyles, giving backpackers and budget travelers plenty of options as well, such as home stays in villages.

    One of the finest places to visit in Belize is the Placencia Peninsula on the Caribbean coast. A narrow isthmus that connects to the mainland, the Placencia Peninsula has more than 16 miles of beaches directly on the Caribbean and is a popular gateway to the offshore reef as well as top ancient Maya sites, national parks, and animal sanctuaries.

    Placencia has its own airstrip that connects to Belize City with several daily flights and can also be reached overland from Belize City in around three hours. The village at its southern tip, also known as Placencia, was celebrated by the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world’s smallest “main street”, a 4,000-foot long pedestrian-only sidewalk measuring just four feet wide.

    One of the top luxury resorts to stay in Placencia is Laru Beya.

    Laru Beya is the perfect beach resort to warm up this winter. Located just steps from the Caribbean Sea, Laru Beya offers guests lovely rooms and suites, a gourmet restaurant, and even a whimsical mini golf course.


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