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Clear Your Calendar: This Fishing Tournament is A-Luring!

When CBS Contributor Faith Salie asked the question, “Why do men love fishing?”, she admitted that the lure of this sport has “baffled women since the beginning of time.” She felt the same way when searching for answers and found that numerous respondents told her that “fishing satisfies a primal hunting urge.” And unlike other sports, one needn’t be tall, strong, or even agile to…

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Placencia Belize Fishing Tours: Your Invitation to Paradise

The sign on the wall of your home says it all: “I got a new fishing rod for my wife; best trade I ever made!” Your wife understands. She knew when she married you that fishing was your passion! Both husbands and wives understand that for avid fisherman and fisherwomen, there is no activity that provides the excitement, thrills and happiness found on a single…

Belize is a mecca for those interested in fishing

Fishing is great all along the coast of Belize, from the Port Honduras and Punta Icacos lagoon of Toledo to Rocky Point on Ambergris Caye. Any of the many rivers which empty into the Caribbean along Belize’s coasts can guarantee a daily catch. All kinds of fishing can be done — spin, fly, trolling – all year long, and the abundance of game fish guarantees excellent sport fishing.