Belize adventure holidays

Are You Up for Some Belize Adventures During the Holidays?

Scientists are fascinated with the reasons people love adventure vacations and some of the best results of their research are encapsulated by Candice Gaukel Andrews writing for the Good Nature Travel Blog. You could be taken aback when you read some of the perks her research unearthed about the benefits of adventure travel: 1. Getting dusty and dirty on adventures strengthens the immune system. 2….

Save on Belize Accommodations this fall

How To Save On Belize Accommodations This Fall

For avid travelers who feel as comfortable sitting in a Budapest cafe as they do trekking through Belize jungles, nothing’s more exciting than price savings. According to a recent New York Times article, the travel industry is offering deals travelers couldn’t ignore if they tried. In fact, savvy travelers know things won’t get lower so they’re booking trips at a dizzying rate, reason enough for…

Placencia Belize Outdoors Adventure

The Ultimate Bucket List For Anyone In Placencia Who Loves The Outdoors

If images of camping amid gorgeous landscapes send a thrill down your spine – and if you swear anything cooked outdoors on a grill tastes better than dishes prepared on a stove – perhaps it’s time you took your passion for the great outdoors to a new location where fulfilling your bucket list is a breeze. How about a Belize outdoors adventure? This list gets…

Belize Culinary Travel

Daring Foodie or Leisure Lover? Placencia Belize Has Both Covered

Are eating one’s way around a nation and spending the remainder of a vacation while doing absolutely nothing incompatible? Not if you come to Belize where the food scene is hot and your ability to get the best rest you’ve ever experienced is even hotter. If you’ve longed to do both but you haven’t been able to justify an escape, take the advice of Doctor…

Belize will delight your senses

Belize Will Delight Your Senses

Just because we grow up, that doesn’t mean we’ve lost touch with all 5 of the senses we were delighted to discover as babies. Each is guaranteed to kick into overdrive during a Belize vacation. That turquoise sea. More than 250 indigenous species of orchids. And wait until you experience the fragrances of spices used to prepare some of the most eclectic cuisines on the…

Belize International Airport

Belize’s International Airport Will Surprise and Delight You

If you’re scratching your head in wonderment because you’re ready to break free from travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic but canceled flights and delays in headlines are raining on your parade, relax. Even if your flight is delayed, hanging out at airline terminals can be fun. Happily, you’re going to Belize where the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport (PGIA) terminal is a surprisingly interesting…

direct flights to belize

Live on the West Coast? Alaska Airlines Now Offers Direct flights to Belize!

When Alaska Airlines announced nonstop service to Belize from major U.S. West Coast hubs, the relationship between this cold, icy state and Central America’s sunniest, warmest tourist destination was cemented. Based in Seattle, Alaska Air and Belize tourism authorities were delighted to assign a gate to Alaska Air at the Belize International Airport. West Coasters began buying non-stop tickets in early June. Alaska Airlines has…

5 Must Do Activities to Experience in Belize This Year

5 “Can’t Miss” Activities That Should be on Your 2021 Belize Vacation List

Waylan Miki asks the question veteran travelers confront when they are on the move year round: How many choices is too many when setting up a vacation itinerary? Miki describes the phenomenon of “paralysis of choice” that can lead travelers to sign up for everything for fear of missing something and exhausting themselves in the process! Are you wise enough to take the word of…