Belize Adventure Travel

Why Is Belize Perfect For Outdoor Adventure Enthusiasts?

If you have lots of disposable income and all the time in the world, booking any of the adventure getaways described on the website won’t be a problem for you. Editors recommend skydiving Mt. Everest, trekking across the South Pole, skiing down Norway’s fjords, and helicoptering over Latin America where the tab ranges between $71,000 and $132,000. Additionally, editors suggest a $31,680 Great Himalaya…

Top Reasons Why A Belize All-Inclusive Is A Perfect Family Trip

Top Reasons Why A Belize All-Inclusive Is A Perfect Family Trip

Think you need a getaway? Your kids may need one more! Everything about their lives was transformed during COVID and trying to deal with sequestration, home learning and an absence of in-person relationships impacted just about every child on the planet. Further, we don’t have to convince you of the merits of family trips, right? Think of them as an investment instead of an expenditure….

Flights to Belize

These Are The Best-Rated Airlines That Fly To Belize

What’s the sweetest word in any language when it comes to grabbing an international flight? If you said “Direct,” you’ve been there, done that, and have tales to tell about missing connecting flights. Things got worse when carriers cut back or canceled flights due to COVID staff shortages. Smaller airports were especially hard-hit when airlines altered schedules to accommodate major airports. That describes the situation…

Celebration Trips to take in Belize

Milestone Celebration Trips to take in Belize

If you’re like most North Americans, your focus on shopping—in anticipation of year-end holidays—is likely occupying a big chunk of your time these days. Buying gifts can be a challenge, say professionals studying gift-giving behaviors, and if you’re looking to impress, you’ll want to know about an emerging trend: Giving the gift of travel. Check your 2023 calendar. If you’ve already marked loved ones’ birthdays,…

belize on a budget

Belize is for Budgeters Who Won’t Compromise on Luxury

It’s fashionable to plan ahead these days. When it’s time to sort out your holiday plans, our tips can save you money so you vacation like royalty. Abby Hayes spends her days urging people she doesn’t know to prioritize vacations with family members before the kids grow up so they don’t end up feeling guilty for missing out. But, you say, who has the money?…

Belize Winter Travel

The Best Belize Destination For A Winter Vacation In 2023

We want you to know that we hear your wish for a winter vacation in the Caribbean loud and clear. It’s a great way to usher in 2023. We’ve also heard you dashing your own enthusiasm because your boss expects you to show up for work. Have you considered making your first New Year’s Resolution a winter escape to the sun because you’re pretty sure…

Belize Christmas Vacation

It Is Not Too Soon To Book Your Belize Christmas Vacation

According to folks at Lifeway Research, YouGov tracking polls asking Americans which holiday is their favorite are noticing a major change of late. “Thanksgiving has overtaken Christmas as the most beloved holiday in the United States,” according to a national study reflecting the opinions of myriad age groups at the end of last year.  Further, there’s been an uptick in popularity polls when respondents were…

Belize Placencia Resort

This Belize Resort Is Perfect For A Beach And Adventure Vacation In Placencia

When vacation time rolls around, are you savvy enough to set a specific goal that you hope to accomplish during your time away from pressing concerns at work and home? It’s important to articulate what you hope to get out of your vacation, Inc. magazine contributor Glenn Leibowitz explains, because “Taking time off isn’t enough.” How to set a vacation goal? It’s not a complicated…

Getting to Belize from Canada

It Just Got a Lot Easier To Get Into Placencia Belize From Canada

Even travelers who find winter weather untenable love visiting Canada. The people are cosmopolitan. And French cuisine at Quebec restaurants is so fabulous, diners say all they need do to imagine Paris is to close their eyes and savor every bite of whatever is on their plate. But Canadians don’t necessarily all love trudging through an arctic winter without a break and if you’re one…

best destination to vacation in belize

How To Choose The Right Belize Destination For Your Vacation

You can toss a coin, throw a dart at a map or go directly to Placencia, Belize where everything you need and want is at your fingertips. Imagine yourself planning a vacation to Massachusetts and wondering if you should stay in Boston or on Cape Cod! Both are amazing but you’ve got to choose one. These days travelers confront the same dilemma after deciding to…