fishing in placencia belize

Clear Your Calendar: This Fishing Tournament is A-Luring!

When CBS Contributor Faith Salie asked the question, “Why do men love fishing?”, she admitted that the lure of this sport has “baffled women since the beginning of time.” She felt the same way when searching for answers and found that numerous respondents told her that “fishing satisfies a primal hunting urge.” And unlike other sports, one needn’t be tall, strong, or even agile to…

Placencia Belize Resorts

Why Four Belize Resorts Are Better Than One When You Vacation in Belize!

It’s a delightfully short journey from North America to Belize, yet vacationers are still going abroad, and given the diversity of experiences visitors can enjoy during their stay in the country, it stands to reason that sojourning in more than one place gives you increased opportunities to see more of the country and its wonders. For frequent Belize visitors, Laru Beya Resort, located on the…

Belize International Music and Food Festival

Belize’s 1st International Music and Food Festival Set for July 30th and 31st

If you’ve been looking for a sign that things are returning to normal, look no further than Belize where the nation’s first International Music and Food Festival is reaching its final stages of preparation. This extraordinary event will be held on July 30th and 31st on the always-exciting Ambergris Caye. No detail has been ignored during the planning process. Event packages include individual, general, VIP,…

All Inclusive Belize

10 Benefits of Booking a Belize All-Inclusive Package

There’s a reason cruise ships have remained a popular option for travelers: Vacationers know upfront that everything they need and want is included for one price so if they don’t want to spend more, they don’t have to. International resorts adopted this model decades ago when owners saw the wisdom in these types of bundles, but if you’re not yet convinced that they’re the only…

Belize Spring Break Vacation

Why Not Declare Your Own April and May Belize Spring Break, Parents?

Once upon a time, spring break almost always straddled the Spring Equinox which took place this year on March 20, 2022. But spring break dates are anything but uniform these days, so if you’ve got students attending different colleges, it may feel like spring break 2022 is endless! Since you’re already an expert at managing your kids’ disruptive college and school schedules throughout Covid, we…

What you need to know before visiting Belize this year

Things To Know When Visiting Belize in 2022

Let’s start with what you already know! Belizeans are warm. The weather is warmer. It only takes a few hours to reach Belize from southern U.S. cities (you may not finish your crossword puzzle), and because everyone speaks English, no apps are required. Belize’s Covid preventative measures are so state of the art, the tourism industry instituted Gold Standard protocols, conferring certification on the nation’s…

Belize All Inclusive Trips

10 Ways Belize Can Help You Recover from Lockdown

As days drag on, Covid variants dampen spirits and interfere with the things we want to do and places we want to go. Mental health experts have weighed in the consequences. “The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to have profound mental health effects,” say experts chronicling the impact isolation and social distancing have had on even the most hopeful souls. Unlike other catastrophic events, the virus…

Placencia - Best Destination To Visit in Belize

Craving Time in Paradise? It’s Just a Few Hours Away in Belize

Huffington Post contributor Melissa Heisler asked people who live in paradise to explain exactly what they mean when making that claim. Responses from people who moved to the Caribbean seeking delight and bliss were numerous, but what surprised her most was this common sentiment: “Paradise is a place within, not a location without.” But suppose you could have both – what if you are given…

Celebrate Independence Day in Belize

You’re Invited to Belize’s 40th Independence Day Celebration

Had the iconic pop star Prince been Belizean, there’s a more than likely chance that he would have paid homage to 1981 instead of 1999 when he wrote his classic song, Party Like it’s 1999. After a century of United Kingdom colonization, Belize finally gained its independence that year, saying goodbye to the Brit-imposed name British Honduras and welcoming the name befitting the new nation….

Belize Culinary Travel

Daring Foodie or Leisure Lover? Placencia Belize Has Both Covered

Are eating one’s way around a nation and spending the remainder of a vacation while doing absolutely nothing incompatible? Not if you come to Belize where the food scene is hot and your ability to get the best rest you’ve ever experienced is even hotter. If you’ve longed to do both but you haven’t been able to justify an escape, take the advice of Doctor…