Belize All Inclusive Packages

Benefits of Staying at an All Inclusive Belize Resort

You probably wouldn’t think of saying yes to a job that didn’t offer benefits in addition to a salary, so why wouldn’t you want to get the greatest number of benefits when you prepare to spend your hard-earned money on a Caribbean vacation? The secret to maximizing every dollar isn’t new: The all inclusive package was invented by Club Med founders 70+ years ago and…

Celebrate Independence Day in Belize

You’re Invited to Belize’s 40th Independence Day Celebration

Had the iconic pop star Prince been Belizean, there’s a more than likely chance that he would have paid homage to 1981 instead of 1999 when he wrote his classic song, Party Like it’s 1999. After a century of United Kingdom colonization, Belize finally gained its independence that year, saying goodbye to the Brit-imposed name British Honduras and welcoming the name befitting the new nation….

Plan your spring adventure in Belize with kids and teens (1)

Why Bringing Your Kids to Belize for a Spring Vacation is a Brilliant Idea!

They’re rambunctious, inquisitive and so energetic, the thought of planning a spring adventure with your youngsters at first seems an overwhelming, daunting task. But the idea isn’t as complicated as you imagine if you set your sights on Placencia Belize for your family’s spring adventure because everything about vacationing in this nation is aimed at kids of all ages. From restless toddlers to put-upon teens…