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Placencia Belize

Placencia Peninsula is sixteen miles long and is home to three communities. Two are Seine Bight and Maya Beach, the other, Placencia Village, is right at the southern tip of the peninsula. Placencia is just a 35-minute flight from Belize City. If you choose to come by road, you will have an interesting and scenic journey, no matter which direction you take. You will find beautiful Laru Beya Beach Resort close to Placencia Village.

Placencia Village

Placencia Village is right at the tip of this sixteen mile narrow peninsula, which separates the Caribbean Sea from Placencia Lagoon, fringed by mangroves. The road you took to reach Laru Beya, that goes into Placencia Village has the lagoon on one side and the sea on the other. The village, being a traditional fishing village, has a boat dock where you will find several tour guide businesses. There are a number of dive shops, where you can rent scuba equipment and hire expert guides who will take you out into the Caribbean waters. For your convenience you will also find the service station, a bus stop if you choose not to drive yourself, a post office, and, of course grocery stores.

Placencia Village is famous for being one of the oldest continually inhabited communities in Belize. Legend has it that it was founded in the early 1600’s by English buccaneers. Placencia was a small fishing village until the age of tourism. Many fishermen saw the benefit of catering to the tourist trade, so they exchanged their fishing lines to scuba gear. Their detailed knowledge of the waters, the reef, and the dive holes make them perfect tourist guides.

Placencia Village’s main street is unique. It is a mile long and only wide enough for a wheelbarrow to carry fish from the dock without anyone having to push through the sand. It was built about thirty years ago and is surrounded by swaying palms and bordered by traditional wooden houses. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is the narrowest main street in the entire world. As you stroll along this unique walkway you will pass restaurants, bars and gift shops.

Placencia is a perfect base from which to explore many of Nature’s attractions. Explore the Monkey River, travel inland to the Cockscomb Basin or visit the amazing Maya ruins, of which Belize has more than a hundred. Kayak through the mangroves and out to any of the many nearby islands, called cayes.

Placencia is world-famous for offshore fishing. There are many types of game fish for you to go after. The local fishing guides will ensure you have an unforgettable time. Diving and Snorkeling through the second largest barrier reef is a must for all who seek underwater adventure. If you are one of our more relaxed visitors, you will love to just stretch out in a hammock on the pristine white-sand beach. Beyond the beach and the water, Placencia offers so much.

Making the Most of Your Stay at Placencia’s Laru Beya

Here are just a few examples of ways to fill your time and to make your stay memorable.
Spend time in Placencia Village. It has many Creole traditions for you to learn about.
Seine Bight is a traditional Garifuna village just a few miles north of Placencia. Sample traditional Garifuna dishes while you listen to Garifuna music.

Go scuba diving down the sheer sides of the reef, as well as snorkeling off the beaches of Silk Caye and Laughing Bird Caye.

Rent a kayak and paddle out to nearby Placencia Caye or stay closer to shore and explore the lagoon.

Enjoy fly fishing and spinning, both inside and outside the reef.

Take a catamaran or hire a sailboat. You can hire a crew or go solo. Go for day or enjoy overnight trips, or simply enjoy a sunset cruise to watch the day sink into the sea.
We have bicycles for you to borrow. Explore the peninsula and visit the nearby communities that you will find between Maya Beach and Placencia.

There are over fifty-four species tropical birds on our peninsula. Take your binoculars!
Stroll the miles beaches lined with palm trees. It is only seven miles from Laru Beya to Seine Bight.

Placencia is beautiful, relaxing and unique. We will all make sure you enjoy your stay. We look forward to welcoming you.

Complete Guide to Placencia Belize

Just a few hours' flying time from the United States is the small Central American nation of Belize. One of the most beautiful locations in Belize is the village of Placencia, home to fisherman and traditional craftsmen who still preserve many of their traditions. With a friendly, laid-back atmosphere, the village of Placencia serves as the unofficial capital of the Placencia Peninsula, a sandy 16-mile long strip of land fronting the Caribbean Sea.

An affordable little gem of tropical paradise, visitors are treated to pristine white beaches along the sparkling waters of the Caribbean on one side and a shady mangrove-lined lagoon on the other. Just a few miles offshore lie countless small islands (known locally as "cayes") and atolls along the Belize Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the hemisphere. An ideal location for diving, snorkeling and fishing, visitors can use kayaks to explore the islands and reef while meeting friendly and hospitable locals.

Compared to other Caribbean vacation destinations, Placencia is still an uncrowded oasis where a sense of place, culture, and tradition is still retained. With only a few thousand year-round residents, the relaxed, friendly atmosphere is one where neighbors still know one another, and every visitor is welcomed with a smile.

Although quite small, the village of Placencia is proud of its entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for the narrowest main street in the world, a four foot-wide sidewalk that rings with the sounds of conversation and laughter. Up and down the 4,071 foot-long sidewalk are casual bars, restaurants serving fresh-caught seafood, and little cafes where time slows down. In sharp contrast to much of the rest of the world, the motto "no shirt, no shoes, no worries" displayed throughout the village signifies the slow pace of life. For an even more serene experience, visitors can wander further up the peninsula, taking in the panoramic sights of the sea and lagoon or enjoying a vacation in one of the luxurious boutique resorts, each with their own beachfront amenities.

For more exciting activities, visitors can into the village to one of the many PADI and NAUI certified dive shops for an organized trip out to the Belize Barrier Reef. With more than 200 small cayes to choose from, an excursion to the reef offers amazingly beautiful spots for snorkeling and diving, giving visitors a glimpse of the colorfully exotic marine life that thrives in the area.

Probably the most famous location on the Belize Barrier Reef is the Belize Blue Hole, an almost perfectly circular depression of darker water encircled by a reef. First publicized in 1971 in the Calypso documentary filmed by Jacques Cousteau, the Belize Blue Hole measures more than 90 meters deep, giving experienced divers a unique chance to explore the silent beauty of enormous underwater caves.

Other popular activities in and around the Belize Barrier Reef include diving trips to see the annual migration of whale sharks, the gentle giants of the deep that rise to the surface to feed on fish spawn. Placencia Village is also a great place to hire sailboats and catamarans, with or without an experienced local crew onboard, to enjoy some of the best fishing in the world.

By bicycle or on foot, visitors can follow the coastline up from the village to arrive at the village of Seine Bight, a great place to experience the unique food, music, and culture of the Garifuna people.

If you are looking for an affordable and fun Caribbean holiday, the delightfully charming Placencia Village and peninsula offers the perfect mix of relaxation and thrilling adventures both on land and the water.

Top Things To Do in Placencia Belize

What’s your definition of adventure? A romantic liaison? Close encounter of the ferocious kind? Perhaps cave exploration defines the limits to which you will go to get your heart rate up! Because there are so many adventures to be had in and around Placencia Belize, we’ve made a list, each of which can be booked through Laru Beya Beach Resort. Staffers happen to be the best adventure planners in Belize, so if these suggestions aren’t enough, ask for more, remembering what your Mum warned: Be careful what you ask for!

1. Kayak the Placencia Lagoon. Sound tranquil? Not if you try to reach out and touch marine sea life inhabiting the waters around this protected sanctuary. This naturalist form of kayaking takes you into mangrove swamps, so circumnavigating can be tricky. The payoff, however, is spectacular: Rays, Manatees, Dolphin, fish and birds. Keep your hands on your paddles and you’ll be fine.

2. Kayak the Caribbean instead. The differences are evident as you weigh a sea vs. lagoon kayaking. Sure, the surf’s gentle, but in Belize, dial up the action by island hopping among diverse cayes where adventurers are always welcome to spend a night and explore. Need a guide or equipment? Laru Beya staff can fix you up fast.

3. Silk Caye snorkeling. A vivid world of splendor fans out before your eyes as you peer into Caribbean waters just beneath the surface! Travel 20 minutes to reach this idyllic spot, but rewards come at you like waves once your snorkel gear is on. Be on the lookout for rays, sharks, sea turtles, Barracuda, Angelfish, Trumpetfish and more surprises.

4. The Hole Truth. If snorkeling and kayaking are too placid for your taste, how about scuba diving underwater canyons, caves, nooks and crannies that resemble moonscapes? The area linking the Placencia Peninsula and Belize’s Barrier Reef is spectacular. Specify the popular White Hole dive, but if nothing but the most challenging, world-famous Blue Hole will do, we’ll get you there.

5. A sail a day keeps the doctor away. Pace yourself as you and your Laru Beya-booked boat skipper plot a route that skims cayes with exotic names like Long Coco, Laughing Bird or Silk Caye. Make it a day trip or plan on camping at a guest house. Like your outdoor overnight a bit more rugged? We’ll arrange a tent for you.

6. Fish like you mean it. Savvy anglers count on sharp guides who know the waters off Belize to point out favourite spots, so depending upon the time of year you visit, you could bag Bonefish, Snook and Tarpon. Laru Beya staff will do everything but bait your hook–and that includes preparing your catch for dinner.

7. A tube runs through it. River tubing is hot in Belize. Add a hike into Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Reserve and you’ll return home with colorful tales about what you saw and experienced. Currents in the South Stann Creek depend upon rain fall, so you might want to ask Laru Beya staff to book during the dry season to maximize your excitement.

8. It’s a jungle out there—and we’re not referring to your office! Hike Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary trails, home to the world’s first Jaguar reserve. Your tour guide will point out iguana, Boa Constrictors, deer or big cats prowling this jungle. A multi-day hike allows you to see Victoria Peak, Belize’s second highest elevation.

9. Monkey business. The Monkey River, home to outrageously loud Howler Monkeys, shares an Eden-like environment with abundant varieties of birds nesting along this mangrove river and the occasional crocodile. Hire a boat, travel 30 minutes from Placencia and bathe your senses in this verdant paradise.

10. Celebrate Garifuna Culture. When you need a break from all things swimming, crawling and flying, indulge your inner gourmet and sensibilities in Garifuna and Creole culture to learn more about indigenous peoples who settled Placencia centuries ago. If you miss seeing historic Seine Bight village, your trip won’t be complete. Don’t miss dining at Creole family-style restaurants. Your taste buds will thank you for their eating adventure.

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