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How to get to Placencia Belize

The Placencia Peninsula in southern Belize is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Most international visitors arrive by air in Belize City and there are several options for traveling onward to Placencia, taking anywhere between 35 minutes and five hours. As the crow flies, Placencia is located 160 miles from Belize City.

How to get to Placencia Belize by Air

There is a small airport located in Placencia which is serve by both of Belize’s domestic airlines, Maya Island Air and Tropic Air. Five flights per day connect Belize City with Placencia, starting early in the morning and running until late afternoon. All flights are on small 9-13 passenger Cessna aircraft and the flying time is approximately 40 minutes. Most one-way tickets average just under $100 USD per person.

How to get to Placencia Belize by Car

Several agencies rent cars for private use from the Belize Airport and several locations throughout the city. The average price of a car rental is $75 USD per day.

After exiting the airport, follow the signs for the Western Highway. Pass through two roundabouts to remain on the Western Highway for 23 kilometers (14 miles). Follow the signs to turn left (south) onto the Coastal Highway. After 58 kilometers (36 miles) turn left onto the Hummingbird Highway and follow the posted signs until you arrive in Placencia Village at the southern tip of the peninsula. Most lodgings are either in the village or just beyond further north on the peninsula.

How to get to Placencia Belize by Taxi

All local taxi companies offer direct service to Placencia from the airport in Belize City. Prices fluctuate depending on your negotiating skills and availability.

How to get to Placencia Belize by Shuttle/Private Transfer

Several companies run a shuttle service from the Belize City Airport to Placencia. Total drive time is about three and a half hours and the road contains many scenic views. The approximate cost for a one-way shuttle is around $155 USD.

Many companies offer private transfer services, ranging between $260 and $300 for up to four people.

How to get to Placencia Belize by Boat

Currently, there are no fixed water routes between Belize City and Placencia although some private charter companies are more than happy to take you to any destination along the coast.

How to get to Placencia Belize by Bus

Two different bus lines connect Belize City and Placencia. The first bus departs Belize City at 1:00 pm and the trip takes about five hours. The price of the bus is around $30 USD and no advance reservations are required.

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