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  • Spa Services

Spa Services at Laru Beya

Imagine how wonderful your spa treatment will be when done in the privacy of your room, on your patio, and right on the Laru Beya Beach, offered by such a gifted massage therapist!

Each and every treatment is dedicated and personalized to you, our guest. Our massage therapist has many years of professional experience including special massages for ballet dancers; her knowledge of the body is individualized, thorough and sensitive.

She also draws upon her a wide range of training in various modalities, techniques, and methods, including Pranic energy work, acupressure, and deep tissue therapeutic massage.

Consider these available treatments. Please feel free to speak to Patricia before booking, to discuss and insure the most appropriate bodywork and natural products for you. Combination treatments are also available.


Relax and revitalize your body, mind, and spirit with the caring touch incorporating Swedish technique and energy work.. Leave tension and stress behind. The typical massage is one hour long; however, longer times are available.  Deep Tissue also available. 


This treatment is an hour and a half long. Hot stones are placed strategically upon the body and on energy points during massage. The heat penetrates the muscles, so the effects of the massage are longer-lasting. Truly exceptional! 


Each facial is one hour long. As in all her treatments, Patricia uses only local ingredients: nothing artificial or imported. She creates her own products from organic plants, fruits, materials found right here in Belize. Facials may include seaweed/honey, or cucumber/cactus, tofu/honey, or other materials, based upon your own personal skin needs. During the facial, she also massages feet and hands. In addition to skin care, this treatment is all about total relaxation.


This treatment is hour long, and concentrates on relieving stress, headaches, and tension from the upper back, shoulders, neck, head, and face. It will leave you floating!


This is a one hour treatment. Elements of reflexology, acupressure points, and alternating organic materials massaged into the feet make this one all about relaxation.


These treatments are one and a half hours long. Patricia offers a wide variety of all natural and organic wraps, depending upon the skin needs of the guest. To name only a few: oatmeal, couscous, Australian pine, brown sugar and ginger, honey and sesame seeds, coffee, melon, almond yogurt. All wraps and scrubs end with a full body massage.


This is it—the exceptional treatment to beat all! Two hours that include a body scrub, wrap, and hot stone massage. The selection of materials is after consultation with you, regarding your skin’s needs. Guaranteed, you won’t want to get off the massage table!