• Scuba Diving the Great Blue Hole of Belize

Scuba Diving the Great Blue Hole of Belize

Declared by the legendary marine biologist and explorer Jacques Cousteau to be one of the finest diving spots in the world, the Great Blue Hole is a unique underwater feature found 70 kilometers (43 miles) off the coast of Belize. Formed tens of thousands of years ago at the end of the last great Ice Age, the Great Blue Hole is a nearly perfectly circular azure oasis ringed by islands and atolls. The home to dozens of shark species and fish, the Great Blue Hole is truly a uniquely bio-diverse habitat.

Due to the depths achieved on dives into the Great Blue Hole, it is recommended that only experienced divers attempt to descend all the way to the floor of the great cavern, located 132 feet (40 meters) below the surface. Experienced divers begin their underwater journey by descending to 12 feet, resting on the limestone shelf that surrounds the deeper parts of the Great Blue Hole. From there, divers head ever downward, until at around 60 feet they can enter the enormous gothic cave, complete with large stalactites and stalagmites.

While most dives to the Great Blue Hole last just 25-30 minutes, many divers report the experience as otherworldly, where time ceases to move, lost in the underwater beauty of the great cavern system. A number of sharks, including the Caribbean Reef Shark, nurse and bull shark make their home in the Great Blue Hole. The occasional sighting of the elusive hammerhead shark add a burst of excitement to any dive in the dimly lit deep blue waters. Although not ranked as a "colorful" dive, divers in the Great Blue Hole have a unique opportunity to swim between enormous stalactites and stalagmites as they explore the huge cavern system.

In 2012, the Discovery Channel featured the Great Blue Hole, declaring it to be the "#1 Most Amazing Place on Earth".

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